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Genio Project for TIEC Competition (ibtiecar2012)

ibtiecar2012 is a graduation projects competition organized by Technology Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC)

mahmoud hosny

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of Genio Project for TIEC Competition (ibtiecar2012)

"Building Multiple Facade Distributed
Tourism Information System and
Enhancing Free Text Searching with
Application on Semantic Web" Genio Project Team Memebers Aya Hassan Mohamed
Aya Salah AbdElAzim
Basma Hamdy Ahmed
Eman Hassan Kamel
Karim Mostafa Mohamed
Mahmoud Hosny Roshdy Supervisor Dr.Hany Elyamany Project Abstraction -The lack and weakness of updated and precise information about the touristic and entertainment places in Egypt on the internet.

-The main idea of the solution is to have a three distributed systems (Central Data provider - Website – Android app.).

-The Website and Android app. are integrated with social media (Facebook) and using Web service to communicate with the Central Data Provider. Novelty
-The different platforms used to make the core service available on Web environments (Website – Facebook integration) and Mobile environment (Android).

-The Semantic Web application concerns with the ability of making the service scalable and interoperable.

-The Transparency of the SOA layer which applied as web services to connect the smart phones – web app – Semantic storage- enterprises. Value >> The value of the project meets the needs of an important level of customers such as tourists, travelers, business men and others will find in the project a great solution for their needs of information about the touristic places in Egypt. Furthermore the effect in the national outcome that will be increased positively because of increasing the number of touristic places that as an effect of the software solution spreading. Impact -The ability of delivering the touristic information to multiple levels of users’ demands building the same service on multiple environments or platforms.

-It’s seen clearly that the two main environments in the local and global market now are web and mobile environments that leads to building two main applications:
-Web site and Android app
-building the integration with social media to cover the level of customers that are seeking in using social networks. Practicality -The project implementation depends on open source technologies to help in working without a stress of need a serial or a product key.The main technologies and tools which are used in the project are shown as follows:

MySQL, Java Standard Edition (Java SE), Web Services, Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) ,Model View Control Architecture (MVC) Data Access Object Design Pattern (DAO), Java Enterprise Edition Platform (JSP, Servlet), Facebook API, plug-ins Ksoap2 library, Jena APIs ARQ Engine.

-Tools and development IDEs:
Eclipse, Apache, tomcat server, MySQL workbench, Axis2 and Android SDK Facebook-android-SDK Usability -During the design of the project components screen shots, we find that the scenario or the operational requirements should be very easy and useful to the end-user.
-For that we deliver an easy user interface to achieve some of user friendly requirements in addition to that we choose the android mobile platform because it’s open source and has an easy and wide environment. Quality Assurance/ Testing techniques -Using the standard technologies is the biggest and most complete prove of trying to assure that the quality of the service or the project is acceptable.

-Black and white testing are the main testing techniques that’s used in the project services and components synchronized with the web service integration testing with the distributed components. Aya Salah: Designing and Implementing Central Database – Designing Developing and Website.

Eman Hassan: Implementing DAO - Designing and
Developing Data provider web interface.

Basma Hamdy: Developing Web services – Developing FB integration with website and android app.

Karim and Aya Hassan: Designing and Developing Android app – Designing and Developing Android database – Implementing DAO of android database.

Mahmoud Hosny: Designing and Implementing Central Database – Developing Web services – Semantic Web Application. Team Performance Demo Future Plan Research Start up Mobile app startup: We can enhance the service with android mobile platform and expand the service development to cover the other mobile platforms such as IOS, Blackberry and Windows phone. This may lead to increase the effect of the service. In addition to that we want to put some of new techniques in the core of the service and connect the mobile with the semantic web application. -We write a paper ( M. H. Roshdy, K. M. Fadel and H. F. ElYamany, “Developing a RDB-RDF Management Framework for Interoperable Web Environments”, Submitted to 2012 IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Industrial Informatics (ICCSII’12), Sharjah, UAE, December 18–20, 2012) describes a new innovative idea developed within the semantic web application inside the project.

-The future work of this research involves developing the suggested management framework to have another layer of connectivity to the smart phones in order to make the semantic data available anywhere and anytime. Finally, some statistical techniques will be added to the framework in order to measure the performance of the suggested framework as well as measure the Web users satisfaction about the searching results and data correctness for instances. Data Provider Wasf Misr Egy Guide Thanks For your Attention Framework Development Stages The project framework without semantic app. The complete project framework The main framework of RDB-RDF management architecture multilevel Web services Architecture Accessing RDF Storage using android phone
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