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A Writer's Notebook

No description

Ashley Applegate

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of A Writer's Notebook

Unforgettable Stories Unlocking the writer within you "The stories that tug hardest at our heart-strings are close to home."

What moves you?
What stories keep tumbling through your mind even when you try not to think about them?

These are the stories you should jot down in your notebook. What do you wonder about?
What's on your mind when you wake up or daydream?
What questions haunt or nag you at night?

Write these questions down. You can explore and visit the same questions many times. You may never be able to answer them.

Leads you to your best writing. Fierce Wonderings "The world is jam-packed with millions of details to notice: in your notebook you only have room for a tiny fraction."

Pick important details for you.

"Crack open" your words by circling general words like fun and cool. Circle them and think of the details beneath those words.

You can train your senses.
exp: the smell of your mother's kitchen
the funny faces athletes make in action shots Writing Small Collect ideas: strange, surprised, far-fetched ideas

Many writers find that their seed ideas have to sit in their notebooks for a long time before they start to take root in imagination. Seed Ideas Great book to read. Inspirational and full of ideas for writing.

Gives great advice.

A great read aloud for students. Mind Pictures Something strikes you , jot a quick description of it in your notebook.

1)Pay attention. Keep your senses peeled.
2)Write it down.
3)Later, go back and reread your entry. Is there more you can write about it?

Game: that-looks-like or that-sounds-like game by comparing two objects that don't seem to have much in common. Snatches of Talk Try this: Go sit at a public place and sit and listen to people around you talking.

Later, go home and write down memorable lines you heard. Lists make a list of lists to write
favorite or new words
words your son/daughter can say
New Year's Eve wishes
writing projects
ideas to write about
track your goals
scientific or historical facts
interesting facts
favorite and worst foods
important firsts
pet peeves
favorite quotes
favorite one-liners Memories What happened & how it affected you?

include: drawings, doodlings, artifacts, photographs, mental photographs

Leave space around your ideas. That way when you return to these objects and explore through writing what they mean to you and what memories they dredge up. Writing that Scrapes the Heart If you ask your students to keep a writer's notebook, you should keep one too.

Record secrets that you don't want anyone to know.

Write a letter to someone who is no longer alive. Writing that Inspires "My truest inspiration comes from the poems and paragraphs of real people practicing the writing craft."

Copy it, clip it, or tape it.

Picture books are a great source for gorgeous writing.
Write down very short sayings that are thoughtful, inspirational, or funny.

Writing off the Text: Write something imitating the style of a piece of writing you admire. Take a poem and tape it to one side of your notebook. Leave the other side blank and skip a page. A few days later, return to the poem and write. Rereading: Digging out the Crystals Reread. Look for seeds & sparks.

Ask yourself: What seems interesting to me?
What stuff do I deeply care about?
What ideas keep tugging at me?
What seems bold and original?
Where are the places where writing seems fresh & new?

Don't expect to find perfectly polished gems ready for publication because you probably won't. Writing about Writing Make your writer's notebook reflect your personal style.

"Your notebook should fit you the way a favorite pair of jeans fit your body." Unlocking the Writer Within You A Writer's Notebook By Ralph Fletcher Taylor Swift Writing in Pop Culture -Ralph Fletcher “It can work as an alarm clock
to remind you to wake up and pay attention
to what’s happening
to your world, both inside and out.” What is a Writer's Notebook, Anyway? "Writer's are like other people, except for at least one important difference. Other people have daily thoughts and feelings, notice this sky or that smell, but they don't do much about it. All those thoughts, feelings, sensations, and opinions pass through them like the air they breathe."

"Not Writers. Writers react. And writers need a place to record these reactions." Writing Small Cape Cod is the BEST. I had tons of fun there and I CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!"


"Most nights we ate dinner right on the beach. We'd stay up late and I'd fall asleep still wearing my bathing suit. In the morning the first thing I felt when I woke up was my cat licking the salt off the soles of my feet." Mind Pictures Snatches of Talk Comparing Pencils Marquarius: "Mine's long."

Rynell: Moves his pencil so that it looks longer

Marquarius: "No, you gotta put it down here."

La'Darius: Places his pencil next to the other two

Marquarius: Laughs..."Oh, yours is long, long!" Harding Icefield
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