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Kylie Bowles

on 5 February 2013

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Transcript of Globalization

GLOBALIZATION Article on problems in china
http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0264275104000289 Another area of interior design that is affects globalization is assimilation. Assimilation is defined in "The Human Mosaic" as, " The complete blending of an ethnic group into the host society resulting in the loss of all distinctive ethnic traits." As the world becomes less diverse and less separated, different cultures have started the blend. No other culture in the world has made such a mark as the American culture. Ideas of the "American Dream" has spread around the world. Once again, there are pro's and con's to this. As designers in America, we have made the idea of being environmentally conscious fashionable. Throughout the world, people are wanting to design buildings and interior spaces more focused on sustainability. On the other hand, wanting the "American Dream" has created trends like "McMansions"and the urban sprawl fashionable. Many designers have promoted these unrealistic ideas, and these ideas have spread around the world. Countries like China that are battling serious population problems, are battling the issue of gated communities, and suburban living promoted by globalization and assimilation of cultures.
Company tele-sites/partnerships
"America is the most influential country in the world, and we must set an example"
Multi-National Corporations
1990's: 7,000
2011: 65,000 -industrialized countries create more opportunity for interior design work over seas.
Universal Design (Pictograms)
3rd world countries
Big trends

Social Greetings/Show of Respect

Daily routine; America vs. other Nations Outsourcing Jobs:
- computers taking over jobs meant for human
- jobs sent overseas
Products imported from other countries
pros & cons Pros & Cons of working internationally
Energy efficiency
Cultural importance (ex: Japanese Feng Shui) GLOBALIZATION CONTENT CLOSURE economy MAJOR POINTS: WHAT IT MEANS FOR THE FUTURE: Important aspects
to consider: idk cultural differences con: -3rd world countries-economy
pro: prices for goods and services decrease Immigration - become popular and more accustomed The act of extending to other or all parts of the world through global integration or development. -Economy
-Environment Products imported from other countries
pros & cons:
cons: transportation cost and fuel usage
pros: utilizing natural resources
- less waste in landfills if manufacted to increase product lifecycle how different countries are incorporating sustainable products.
- bamboo production
- housing insulation, building materials
- water usage
- heating/cooling Global climate = sustainability
compare two countries, their climates and what they've been doing to increase sustainability MULTINATIONAL
CORPORATIONS SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY technology Who here has an IPhone? cheaper shit 2011 U.S. graph on states' energy efficiency ratings class question:
how many multi-national corporations are there? i figured we can quiz the group and see if they can tell what ikea is where notes to
eachother oh okay I was wondering what you were doing over here lol.

My prezi keeps freezing so make sure you save frequently. im structuing the paper/prezi right now so its easier for us to organize Definition: A.Singapore
B.New York
C.France a b c IKEA Students designed low income housing Standards increase globally Signature Identity New technologies transportation prices Economy Prices have decreased-
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