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Amanda Wang

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of GEORGIA

PIEDMONT REGION is made up of red clay. dried soil. Some major rivers are the Chattahoochee river and Flint river.

Piedmont means "foot of the mountain". Makes up 1/3 of region granite. Plateau runs from Alabama to Delaware. Stone mountain is here. We live here.

Some major counties include: Fulton, Cobb, Gwinett .
Some major cities are: Atlanta, Decatur.
The Georgia Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the world.
The Chattahoochee National Forest is a popular tourist sight for people looking for a little bit of adventure.
Coca-cola originated right here in Atlanta, Georgia. Come join the fun at the World of Coke!
The CNN Tower is a popular tourist spot for people visiting Georgia.
For the 1996 Summer Olympics,the Georgia Dome hosted the basketball competitions, the artistic gymnastics events as well as team handball.
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra
A popular thing to do is to go tubing in north Chattahoochee River.
The Amicalola Falls National Park is located in Dawson, Georgia.
Providence Canyon is a popular state park and is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of Georgia.
The Coastal Plain is known to be swampy and marshy, and borders the fall line. It's divided in 2 regions: inter-coastal and outer-coastal.

Major bodies of water in Georgia include Flint, Alapaha, Suwanee, St. Marys, Santilla, Oconee, Okeefanokee swamp

The Okefenokee Swamp is a wetland located on the FL-GA border. It's famous for its American Alligator and its diverse flora and fauna.
Jeckyll Island is an island located of the coast of GA. It is one of the Golden Isles of Georgia.
Some counties in the Coastal Plain in Chatham, Bibb, and Muscogee.
Some cities are: Savannah, Brunswick, Albany, and Columbus.
Savannah is known for its history and its trees including: the Baobab, the Candelabra, and the oak savannah.
The Masters tournament is held around the Fall Line in Augusta each year because of its natural rolling hills.
The BLUE RIDGE Region is part of Appalachian. It has a mix of sandy loam and is 1000 miles wide.

Brasstown Bald is almost 5000 ft high and it is the highest peak in GA.
Counties- Union, Rabbon, Fanic
Cities- Blue Ridge, Clayton, Blairsville
The Tullulah Gorge State Parks is one of the Seven Wonders of Georgia
The soil in RIDGE AND VALLEY is mainly a mixture of shale and sandstone. It has mainly land- low open valleys and narrow ridges. The rocks are very resistant to erosion.

Some rivers in the Ridge and Valley are the Oostahula River, Etowah River, and Coosa River

Some counties include: Cheree, Dawson, and Pickens. Some cities include: Rome, Calhoon, and Cartersville
APPALACHIAN PLATEAU's soil is a mix of sandstone, shale, & limestone. The elevation is up to 3000 ft. This region has many caves, deep canyons & interesting rock formations. Some scenery include: Lookout mountain, Sand Mountain, and Cloud Land Canyon.

Some counties include: Walker, Catoosa, and Chatooga
Some cities are Trenton and La Fayett.

The Appalachian Plateau is the smallest region. It has no rivers, and also known as the Cumberland Plateau. The Appalachian Plateau is also the most scenic yet least visited area.
The Coastal Plain is bordered by Alabama on the west, South Carolina on the east, and Florida in the south.
The Piedmont Region is bordered by Alabama on the west and South Carolina on the east.
The Ridge and Valley Region is bordered by Alabama on the southwest part of the region and North Carolina in the north.
The Appalachian Mountain is known as the tag corner because it is the point where Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia meet.
The Blue Ridge region is bordered by North Carolina in the north and South Carolina in the east.
Climate: This region does have four seasons. During the cold seasons, temperatures are usually around the 40's and 20's, and records show that 100 days in this region show temperatures below freezing. During warm seasons, it's usually around the 80's or maybe the 90's. For precipitation, northern regions usually get about 60 inches a year, and this region gets 5 inches of snow as well.

Cimate: The climate in the Piedmont region is very temperate. There is about 40 inches of rain per year, and the temperature is annualy averaged to about 74 degrees Fahrenheit, with summers being around 89 degrees and winters being around 57 degrees.
Ridge & Valley:

Climate: Mostly temperate, with fair amounts of precipitation. This region also, of course, has four seasons, meaning humid and warm summers along with cold winters.
Blue Ridge:
Climate: There isn't much diversity when it comes to climate in the separate regions of Georgia, therefore this one has the normal seasons; cold winters and mild summers. It is also known to have 'great' amounts of rainfall.
Coastal Plain:
Climate: This region enjoys mild winters and hot, humid summers. Aside from the occasional fall hurricanes, there is about an average of 51 inches of rain per year.
Thanks For Watching
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