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Austin Robert Carlile

No description

Sarah Al Rubaie

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of Austin Robert Carlile

All About Austin Robert Carlile
Future Predictions
Austin Robert Carlile was born on September 27, 1987 (25 years old). He was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida, United States.
Fun Fact: Austin is about 6'4" to 6'5".
Austin Robert Carlile is the front man (lead singer) and founder of the heavy metal band "Of Mice and Men". What I admire about his job is that no matter how succesful he is, he always tries harder because he believes it is never enough, and I appreciate that because not many succesful artists would continue trying after becoming succesfull. Another thing I admire about Austin Carlile is that is is not selfish, not many artists thing of the band as a whole but as a individual.
-Austin Carlile has a deep understanding of bullying because he has been bullied.
-One of the most generous guys out there.
-Works hard for what he wants.
-He is inspired by Mitch Lucker, singer of Suicide Silence who died recently.
His favorite music is hardcore metal/death metal, etc. His favourite bands include Slipknot (on his tshirt in previous picture) and he spends most of his time with music. He also enjoys Star Wars.
Some of his quotes include:
"If you're not moving forward then where are you going?"
"Enjoy your chapter, enjoy your page. Don't finish your book without enjoying it and getting the most out of it."
In the future, I think Austin will become a very inspirational being in society where most teenagers will be looking up to him.

I believe the world will be very judgemental in the future, and a lot of bullying will happen. I predict that Austin Carlile will be the one to help people being bullied because he has been bullied before.
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