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Grande Distribution: Hypermarkets

New e-business trends on the industry of hypermarkets

Carolina Rivas

on 5 September 2012

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Transcript of Grande Distribution: Hypermarkets

María Carolina RIVAS GARFIAS
Ayrton Ricardo RODRÍGUEZ ZARAZUA Hypermarkets · shop in-store or online
· check your Onecard points balance
· find out when your favourites are on special
· arrange your shopping list by aisle
· scanner to add a product on your list Countdown shop smarter (NZ) Apps Online stores · Browse weekly savings
· Add sale items to list and track them easily
· Compare current prices
· Redeem coupons at stores with a finger tap
· Track paper coupons with % savings
· Organize list items into aisles and categories
· Create as many lists as you want
· Share (email, SMS)
· Recover all your lists when switching device Grocery Pal (In-store weekly
savings, circular & coupons) Walgreens
Dollar General
Family Dollar
Food Lion
Publix SAFEWAY Save-A-Lot Albertsons Stop & Shop HEB (H-E-B) Super Target VONS
Giant Eagle Harris Teeter
Meijer Program or group of programs designed for end users. Systems software: low-level programs that
interact with the computer at a very basic level. Applications software: includes database programs,
word processors, and spreadsheets. Trends on Hypermarkets Industry Food is everywhere (sold in almost every store format)
Rising prices (food commodity prices on a tear)
Private label (with a premium label as an alternative)
Health and nutrition products
Safety first (more food safety tests, plant inspections, tracking of ingredients)
Mergers and strategic acquisitions · Hypermarket industry (opportunities and problems).
· Cases of Walt-Mart, P&G, 3M
· Technologies
-> advantages and disadvantages. Agenda Walt-Mart, P&G, 3M (Pampers case) Bullwhip effect
3 big companies
Cost 10 million dollar Bullwhip
Effect Effects Delivery lead time
- Increase in order delivery lead time.

Customer service level
- Reduction in product availability.

Transportation costs
- Search for economies of scale.

Manufacturing costs
- Increase in capital investments.
- Increase in operation costs.

- Reduction in inventory turns.
- Higher inventory levels in the distribution channels.
- Costs of additional infrastructure. Solutions Information exchange

Walt-mart supplies P&G with information.

VMI (Vendor managed inventory) trough an Inter Organizational Information System (IOIS)

Coordination of promotions, transport, and so on.

Reduction of lead times

Operational control through decision support systems (IT) Technologies advantages disadvantages easy to use
free or cheap necessity of internet
dependance to the developer
lack of privacy -Refrigerated
-On-perishable groceries,
-Health and beauty supplies
-Gift items.
FedEx grocery delivery
Personalized shopping lists advantages disadvantages quick
save time deliver delay form 3 to 7 days RFID Identification card for customers
Scan products to obtain information.
Personalized offers.
Easy checkout Real-time information for customers. Thermal imaging thechnology:
Help to keep wait times short
Keeps track of shoppers in line
Measures body heat to determine if more cashiers are needed
The dashboard monitor send data to managers.
Help the management by producing statistical reports on information such as arrival rates and patterns. advantages disadvantages Can read several products at the same time.
Contain data of the customer and products.
Tags are resistant to humidity and variation of temperature.
Easy check out and easy to use Expensive to apply it to each product.
Lack of privacy
There is no normalization, different frequency between countries. Queue
system Thanks for your attention References Grean, M. (n.d.). Supply-chain integration through information sharing: Channel partnership between wal-mart and procter & gamble. Unpublished manuscript, Information Technology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Champaign, IL, Retrieved from http://citebm.business.illinois.edu/it_cases/…
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