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The Oxygen Maximizer


Craig Gray

on 30 September 2012

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Transcript of The Oxygen Maximizer

When the hemoglobin arrives it will split its DNA,
send the RNA through the ribosomes, replicate the hemoglobin and send the original and replicated hemoglobins back out into the cytoplasm.
by- Craig Gray The Oxygen Maximizer
Humans have the smallest breath-holding capacity
of all mammals. Problems
The air you inhale in is usually around 20% oxygen, the air you exhale is about 15% oxygen. This means you are only using 25% of the original 20% oxygen. That is very inefficient.
The Oxygen Maximizer Solves This When you inhale you carry oxygen to your lungs,
and blood carrying carbon dioxide flows around the air sacs. Then, the oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer through the membrane. The oxygen attaches to the blood cells because it is attracted to the hemoglobin, a polypeptide protein. The Oxygen Maximizer will replicate the hemoglobin to increase the number of the chains. This will increase the amount of oxygen the blood cells can carry to the various parts around your body. Structure This organelle will be similar to that of a nucleus,
it will take in a hemoglobin protein that is in the cytoplasm through its pores. It will have some ribosome-like structures in it as well as the amino acids needed to replicate the hemoglobin.

The Oxygen Maximizer will allow us to use our
oxygen more efficiently and go longer without
inhaling. Drawbacks
High hemoglobin levels can lead to iron poisoning.
It has also been associated with heart disease and some cancers.
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