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Scientific Revolution Project

No description

Amelia Merwin

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Scientific Revolution Project

Scientific Revolution Project
Do Now - Tuesday, May 19, 2015
"Between 1500 & 1700 CE, modern science emerged as a new way of gaining knowledge about the natural world. Before this time, Europeans relied on two main sources for their understanding of nature. One was the Bible. The other was the work of classical thinkers, especially the philosopher Aristotle.

During the
Scientific Revolution,
scientists challenged traditional teachings about nature. They asked fresh questions, and they answered them in new ways. Inventions like the telescope showed them a universe no one had imagined before. Careful observation also revealed errors in accepted ideas about the physical world. " (
History Alive, The Medieval World and Beyond
Please turn in
Shakespeare CSI packet
VP - Marketing
YOU WILL HAVE 2 minutes to sit in groups of 4-5

Have your full group? Start thinking about which topic your group is interesting in teaching:
READER - responsible for reading material out loud to group

TASK KEEPER - Keeps group on task, makes sure that group completes graphic organizer.
Today's Learning Objective
Using an informative text, SWBAT identify
evidence that describes a scientist or another
topic related to the Scientific Revolution with the
goal of being able to teach their peers this topic’s
historical significance.
Directions: Read this paragraph about the Scientific Revolution.
Draw three images
that represent why this time period was
historically significant.
Done drawing? Rate the class (1-5) on how you did with the sub yesterday.
Scientific Revolution
Challenges to
traditional teachings
New questions
New inventions
-You will choose your groups
-You will choose your topic

Copy this diagram down into your notebook
Posters will be due Friday
GROUP 1: Heliocentric Theory
Nicolaus Copernicus & Johannes Kepler

GROUP 2: Scientific Thinking
Francis Bacon & Rene Descartes

GROUP 3: Laws of Physics
Isaac Newton

GROUP 4: Galileo Galilei *** CHALLENGE***

GROUP 5: Inventions
Thermometer, Barometer, Microscope

GROUP 6: The Scientific Method

GROUP 7: Science & Government
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