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Dress of Elizabethan Era

No description

Greta Worden

on 20 October 2014

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Transcript of Dress of Elizabethan Era

Dress of the Elizabethan Era
Dress of Elizabethan Era
Highly fashion conscious
Ideal look was very elaborate and stylized
Included puffy sleeves, tight fitting bodices of dresses, and ruffles
Largely influenced by geometric shapes rather than the shape of the body
Dressing according to Social Status
Sumptuary Laws established strict clothing guidelines to keep class system separated
Gold was restricted to those of royal descent
The upper class fashion was known as the Peacock Age
The lower class wore clothing that they made themselves
Fabrics and Materials
The lower class used fabrics such as wool and dye plants
The upper class used satin, velvet, fur, cotton, and lace that were imported from around the continent
The many layers of the upper class were stiff and uncomfortable
Fashion in Shakespeare's Plays
Shakespearean plays incorpoated the high class fashion of the time
The costumes and sets greatly influenced the production and success of the plays
Fashions of the continent ruled the time so Shakespeare based a lot of his charracters and what they wore on this fact.



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