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Austin Mahone :)

No description

Katherine Phommarath

on 31 March 2013

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Transcript of Austin Mahone :)

Austin Mahone Who Is This Dude?? About Him How Did He Get Started??? Tours? The Crew Instruments His Social It's Austin Carter Mahone. An up coming pop teen sensation. :D He's currently 16. His birthdate is April 4 1996 on a Thursday at 10;14 am.
Hazel color eyes.
He's 5'7''
He's an only child. His mom's name is Michele Lee Mahone. His dad Carter died when he was only 16 months.
He used to live in San Antonio Texas but moved to
Miami Florida He started upoading videos on Youtube (ShootUsDown) with his best freind Alex Constancio. And then made another account of him doing covers and then he had grown a soild fanbase "Mahomies". He began homeschooling when he realized he wanted to persue a career in the music industry. Then eventually got signed with Chase, Universal Republic. Alex Constancio Well hes and opening act for 6 of 58 shows of Taylor Swifts Tour He plays the
~ Guitar
~ Piano
~ Drums a.k.a His Friends Robert Villanueva Zach Dorsey Tyler Stanush Austin spent his New Year back at home with his crew at Alex's house Dates:
May 4th - Detroit MI
May 25th - Dallas TX
June 15th - Toronto ON
July 6th - Pittsburgh PA
July 27th - Foxboro MA
August 10th Chicago IL He got his first guitar from his grandfather. He also taught himself how to play it. May 2012 he had over 780,00 followers on twitter and 350,00 subscribers on YouTube Now on twitter he as 1.5M followers on ,YouTube he has about 580,508 subscribers He is currently single and consider dating a fan His first public interview
was Elvis Duran and the
Morning show on June
21st 20112 He also met Justin Bieber
while at Elvis Duran Mama Mahone a.k.a Michele Dave one of Austin's Bodyguard His Current Single Websites I used ~ www.mstarz.com
~ en.wikipedia.org
~ mahomies.net
~ www.mtv.com
~ mahonefacts.com
~ imkiddinghahaha.blogsspot.com @AustinMahone @AustinMahone Also
~ 11:11
~ Shawty Shawty
~ Say Somethin'
~ Say You're Just A Friend @AustinMahone Has over 900k followers on Instagram Heart in my Hand
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