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This is Me.

No description

Nyla Wells

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of This is Me.

This is ME Funny Nice Understanding Unusual Loyal Caring Shy Smart My Name Is.... Nyla Lene' Frinzell-Mack My Quote... Nothing's Impossible if you Believe... Hobbies... Karate
Horse Back Riding
Running My Goals... Animal Control Officer
Traveling My Favs Food- Mac and Cheese
Song- Dont have one
Person- Eh... I love everyone! If I Could... If I could change one thing about myself I would change the fact that I can be very judgemental and really mean at times. I'm Becoming... During my high school years I want to be that person that people know they can go to to have fun and where they can just be themselves. Never ever! Something I'll never change my mind about is Abortion and Adoption. Don't Abort, Adoption is so much more better. :) One Wish... If I had one Wish to solve one problem it would probably to help solve the Adoption situation. Fav Musician My favorite Musician is Probably Mike Tompkins because I just love the sound of his voice and all the sound effects are made by his mouth! Fav Movie is... Haunted
House!!! Favorite Season My Favorite Season is Spring of course! Thanks for Listening! Who Am I? I'm Who I Want To be, Not Who Everyone Else Wants Me To Be. OR... Pitch Perfect :) Its such an amazingly funny movie! Some of
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