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Rules and positions of softball.

Christina Moloney

on 2 December 2010

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Transcript of Softball

Pitcher Catcher First Base Second Basemen Short Stop Third Base Left Field Center Field Right Field Throws the ball from the center of the field, on the rubber in the pitcher's mound.
Uses an underhand motion to pitch
After pitching, the pitcher must be ready to field the ball
Is position "1" in scorebooks. Recieves the pitches
Must be in a crouched position behind home plate
Throws the ball when runners are stealing bases
Recieves throws when making plays at home plate
Is position "2" in scorebook. Plays to the left of the field, covering third base
Recieves throws from other players when making plays at third base
Usually a strong thrower to make it to first base
Is position "5" in scorebook Cover the grass area beyond the infield to the left
Catch and field fly balls and ground balls
Back up third basemen and shortstop
Usually a strong thrower
Is position "7" in scorebook One of the strongest players
Positioned directly behind second base, beyond the infield
Catches and grounds fly balls and ground balls
Backs up second basemen and short stop
Is position "8" in scorebook. Positioned beyond the infield on the right side
In younger divisions, is the weaker player
Fields fly balls and ground balls
Backs up first basemen and second basemen
Is position "9" in scorebook Positioned on the right side of the infield
Usually plays three steps to the side, and two steps up
Covers first base to make plays when fielders throw her the ball - usually makes force outs
Is position "3" in scorebook Plays inbetween first base and second base
Recieves throws when opponents try to steal second base
Covers second base when the ball is hit to the left side of the field
Becomes a cut off when the ball is hit to right field
Is position "4" in scorebook Plays inbetween second base and third base
Covers second base when the ball is hit to the right side of the field
Goes out for cut off when the ball is hit to left field
Covers second base when the opponent is trying to steal second base
Is position "6" in scorebook Rule: A runner is allowed to over-run first base. Note that she must turn right when returning to first base. Rule: A runner cannot over run any other base other than first. Skill: To slide, tuck one leg under the other, to make a "4" and lean backwards. Make sure the arms stay up, off the ground to avoid spraining the wrist. Rule: The runner cannot leave before the ball leaves the pitcher's hands. Rule: An infield fly is when a fly ball is hit, and there are runners on first and second, and even third. The batter is automatically out. Rule: There are three strikes until a strike out. There are four balls until a walk. There are three outs an inning. S FTBALL Rule: If a runner runs out of the base path, she is out Rule: A crow hop is when a pitcher does not push of the rubber, but rather takes a small step from the rubber which results in a new push off point. This is illegal. However, it is legal if the pitcher leaps and makes a continuous drag of her pivot foot.
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