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Human Modification vs. Adaptation

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sarah alecozay-borrego

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Human Modification vs. Adaptation

Adaptation or Modification Modification: Humans Change the environment around them to meet their needs

Adaptation: Humans adapt to their environment to survive Deforestation: Cutting down trees for lumber to clear land GOOD or BAD????? Adaptation or Modification? IRRIGATION SYSTEMS DAMS NOMADS Leaving After Hurricane Katrina HOW CAN MODIFICATIONS BE BOTH POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE? With your team, try to come up with a human modification or adaptation from A-Z Desalination: Taking Salt out of water to create a fresh water source
EXAMPLE : Israel in the Middle East A or M? •What types of hazards are more difficult for people to adapt to?
•What have human populations done to help control the damage from these hazards?
Is it always successful?
How have people adapted?
What innovations (technologies) have been created to help humans prepare for and deal with natural hazards?
Do these hazards affect patterns of settlement?
How does it affect the economy?
How do hazards affect the availability of natural resources?
•Discuss with a partner possible technologies that would be useful but that we do not have at this point to help people be better prepared for a natural hazard WRITE A THREE PARAGRAPH STORY OR ESSAY Discussing how people modify or adapt before, during or after a natural disaster. (You could talk about a hurricane, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, ect.) You may also illustrate your story for extra points!
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