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Change of the gas Mask

No description

Steve Mooney Mooney

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Change of the gas Mask

By:Steve Mooney The Gas Mask The First Gas Mask Korean HK-K1 NBC Gas Mask 1871, Fireman Respirator 1916 British Small Box Respirator. Evolution of The Gas Mask British Carbon Monoxide 1915 In 1823, John and
Charles Deane
Patented a smoke
protecting apparatus
for fire fighters. after
that, it was modified
for divers. In 1871 John Tyndall made a respirator that filtered air from gas and smoke. Hi His gas mask had a series of tubes that would filter the air from the gas and smoke. The main reason the
gas mask was invented
was because the firemen
couldn't breath well in
a fire. This Gas mask affected the
people of the 18 and 19
hundreds by allowing
firemen and divers
to go places where they were once restricted to. The british created this gas mask
because of the Germans in WWl
were not yet using chemical warfare
but the shells of the germans ,that were
not yet exploded,would give off enough
carbon monoxide that some soldiers
would even die. Th This YouTube video
is just to show you what the gas mask would look like on a head. After the Geremans added a filter to there gas mask,the british did the same. Many people say that the british small box respirator is one of the most notable gas mask used in WWl ,mostly because of the reliable and durably. How Did The Gas Mask Affect Us Now. 2000'S 1823 1871 1916 I think that the gas mask affects the world now
because when the military is in war and the enemy will
throw chemical warfare objects so are military will need
gas mask to keep on fighting for are country. Another reason is because
when the S.W.A.T trys to
get a bad guy and they throw
anything that affect there health. The last reason is because
in the jail,inmates will put
everthing u can think on the
walls of there room. This is the gas mask of today.
totally modified from the original gas mask. ... It is all black and water proof,so you can go threw swamps,marshes and all the other body's of water. The lenses can not fog up,and you don't want that in a war. The End
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