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Sports Marketing

Atlanta Braves

Katherine Riddick

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Sports Marketing

Ticketing * Largest potential for increasing revenue

*Home game attendance in 2012 was 2.4 M

* The average ticket price is $17, below the league average price of $27

*In comparison, Red Sox tickets are $52 and Atlanta Falcons are $68 Lets look at the numbers * Valued at $482 M with an estimated revenue of $207 M in 2011

* In comparison, the Boston Red Sox are valued at $870 M but only bring in an estimated revenue of $281 M

*Steady growth, loyal fan base, and high potential for increased revenue Potential Tie-ins *Ticket packages

*Trip packages

*Other teams Population *Over 5 M people in the metropolitan area as of 2011, and expected to be over 7 M by 2030

*Second in the country for job growth

*Only MLB team in the area, competition is limited Marketing and Promotions * Increase marketing with radio, tv, newspaper and billboards

* Increase awareness of theme nights and promotions

*Tap into the community from little leagues to businesses

*Local corporate sponsors- Coke, Publix, Home Depot, etc. Welcome Home Atlanta Braves
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