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Year 12 Welcome Evening


Clare Schulze

on 14 September 2017

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Transcript of Year 12 Welcome Evening

Year 12 Welcome Evening
The Sixth Form team & who to contact
To share key information about the Sixth Form.
To explain ways to best support your son/daughter.
Aims of this evening
Massive difference compared to GCSE's
GCSE's - Some students would have found them comfortable
A-Levels - BIG Challenge, much more work
A -Levels are Hard!
Parent Advice
Planning for the day ahead
What to do if absent
Developing their communication skills
* Issue with subject
* Issue with teacher
What else are we doing to support your son/daughters' learning (p10 & 12)
4 week Trial
Post 18 Guidance
Provide them with opportunities beyond the curriculum
Mentoring & Counselling
Any Questions......
Wanting to swap/drop a course
If you have an issue
Leadership Program
School trips
Copy of this prezi has been put on the sixth form part of the school website

Students first: Raising standards & Transforming lives

Some things students aren't getting right at the moment
1. Study periods NOT free time
2. Punctuality to study periods
3. Using the whole hour
4. Planning for study periods
5. It's not just about homework

All of this will be covered during VMG and guidance sessions

Senior Students - setting the standard (p9)
Business Dress (p4)
Use of diaries are compulsory
ID Badges (will be given out shortly)
Independent Study (p9)
Making Effective Use of Their Time
Enrichment booklet published termly
22 hours - A
18 hours - B
14 hours - C
10 hours - D
6 hours - E
2-4 hours - U
A-E at A-Level = Pass
Home - School communication
Sixth Form Team
Careers advice - Careers Inc
Parents Guide
Praising Stars (p6)
D&P Form system (p7)
16-19 Bursary
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