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Incorporating Writing in the Classics Classroom

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Alison Traweek

on 11 October 2014

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Transcript of Incorporating Writing in the Classics Classroom

Integrating Writing in the Classics Classroom
Why assign writing?
reinforces course content knowledge

improves professional communication competency

gives practice with critical thinking skills

prepares students for other writing situations
The pedagogical model:
'Writing in the Disciplines'
identifying writing practices used in a given discipline

relating those to the production and use of disciplinary knowledge

linking specific forms of disciplinary writing to student tasks
Peer review
Writing genres

Peer review

Writing as process
Integrating Writing in the Classics Classroom
Alison C. Traweek
Writing genres
scholarly article : student research paper

abstract : student abstract

book review : student peer review

Writing as process / writing as revision
more accurately reflects real-world writing

modeled in peer review

reinforced by assigning writing in stages

cements content knowledge

reinforces discussions of genre

can increase student investment in class, topic

reinforces writing as social act

formal or informal
Alison C. Traweek
Saturday October 11, 2014
CAAS Annual Meeting
Washington, D.C.
Other genres in classics: encyclopedia entry, literature review, personal essay, annotated bibliography...
Student examples
Early-stage outline
(used with permission)
Formal peer review
Abstract of scholarly article
Sample stages for a research paper
settling on central question
brainstorming in small groups in class

gathering evidence and support
individually or in collaborations

presenting outline in small groups
informal peer review

expanding outline into extended prose
formal peer review

adding intro and conclusion
final peer review or submission
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