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Middle Passage

No description

lib hist

on 4 November 2014

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Transcript of Middle Passage

Middle Passage
mid. 1400's-mid. 1800's
1.Black Holocaust
2.Transatlantic Black Trade
3.Triangular Trade
What in your opinion was the worst part of the Middle Passage?
Everything i hated it. Colored man and women were treated differently then everyone else. It was ugly, nasty, and disgusting.
What should be done today as an after-effect of the Middle Passage?
We should keep everything the same until the Earth dies and burns every one on the planet. DONT CHANGE
Why is it important for students to learn about the middle passage?
It was important because the middle passage is one the biggest and most gruesome and horrible period that the human race has ever experience.
Middle Passage-A.J.& Big Mike-Period 5
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