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HDI Country

No description

Breanna Ward

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of HDI Country

Haiti They have a very poor economy as you can see in the picture with very young looking kids growing food. This picture was taken in Jeremie an isolated city. They have many serious health issues. Haiti has very poor living conditions. A lot of students, very little teachers mean that everyone won't get the same education and they will all recieve a very low education. Because they have very little resourses many of the children have to work which means they don't have the time to recieve a balanced education. Because of their very poor economy no one gets a balanced diet which is why the kids look so tiny. Haiti was ranked 149 in humen development and by these pictures I can see why. The country is very small with all these people. This is causing resourses to run out and the need for everyone to work. Because of the need to work to gain resources the children do not have the time to gain an education and the children who are lucky to be able to go to school still don't get a very well education becase their are a lot of students and little teacher. The country can't have very much development because they are taking all their might just to survive.
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