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Advertising and Promotion

No description

John Blechacz

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Advertising and Promotion

Advertising and Promotion
Advertising and Promotion is all about Communication
And finding new and creative ways to reach current and potential customers
What is this?
A series of related activities with a similar theme.

Brief Description
Specific Media Placement
Determine Dates
Scheduled date of ad runs or releases
Campaign Time Period
Rationale – list of other key facts

Ongoing Campaign

The Role of the Promotional Strategy

Using verbal communication via radio commercials and radio station sponsors to create imagery in the minds of customers.

Fairly inexpensive
Reach particular demographics
Lack of visual involvement
Prime Time is expensive (Morning, Rush Hour)
Declining Exposure

Ongoing Campaign

Is influencing potential customers to buy before contact is actually made.

Get your product’s major features known!
Communicate how/when/where customers can buy the product of service.
Clear up customer questions/concerns.
INTRODUCTIONS! – of your product.

Ongoing Campaign

Ongoing plans help you maintain and build sales.
Need for clear objectives and goals.
Always keep the 5 P’s in mind!

Always be ready to change with your target markets.
Customer trends are always changing
Always think about PRE-SELLING!

Ongoing Plan

Step Three in the Pre-Opening: Customer Contact

Pre/Grand Openings


Is the placement in the media of news worthy items.
A method to call attention to your business (press release).

It's Free!
Is all publcity good publicity?

Newest and fastest growing!
Pop-Up Ads
Social Media
(Facebook, Twitter)

Most popular form and often used and also the
most expensive!

Large Audiences
Can target specific groups/markets

Cost (Prime Time 7-11pm)

Advertisements place either on the inside or outside of public transportation.

Phone Books
Yellow Pages

Becoming less used (extinct)
Cannot make changes for a full year

Advertisements/Promotions are sent directly to the homes or businesses of potential customers.
Grocery Specials/Coupons and Catalogs

Large audience/wide geographic area
Short exposure time

General Interest/Specialty able to reach national audiences.

Longer time periods (Monthly)
Promotional Plan Format

Sidewalk Signs
Sidewalk Art
Neon Displays

Exposure to large number of people
After initial few viewings, people ignore


Identify the types of customers you want to sell to. These could be your existing customers or new customers.

Matched 5 P’s to your customer.
High value or big ticket items would use personal sales.
Lower priced products depend on volume sales.

Product Value –
Low value = mass advertising.
High value items depend on personal contacts.

Step Four in the Pre-Opening: Create Customer Interest

Be creative!
New and outrageous ideas capture attention and generate intrigue among customers.


Step Two: of the Pre-Opening: Inform About Your Opening

Begin 4-6 weeks out
Intensify as store opening or product launch nears


After a purchase is made, part of price is returned to the customer

A small sample, free trial or travel size products


David Ogilvy
The Father of Advertising

Gift or coupon received after purchase

Point-of-Purchase (P-O-P)

Communication about a company and its products and services through...
Two Types of Promotional Strategies

Step One of the Pre-Opening: Establish a Positive Image

Image = Customer Impression

Ongoing Plan


Advertising and Promotion

Advertising is one of many methods used to support a promotion
A form of marketing communication used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience to take some sort of action (Buy, Sell, Visit)
Forms of marketing used to draw attention to and increase awareness of products or services
These elements are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity
Promotion is all about… COMMUNICATION

Designed to Urge Customers
to Buy from You

Maintain Customer Relations

Centered on Planning
Promotional Campaign
Taking the ideas of a potential campaign and putting them into action then monitoring the results so you can keep on improving it.
Promotional Plan-
Ongoing Campaign
Promotional Channel
Includes the following:
Promotional Plan Step One:
Ongoing Campaign
Target Market-
Determine the exact actions that will be taken to reach your customers and how you will achieve them.

What is the message?
What approach will the message be communicated with?
How will the message be delivered?

Promotional Plan Step Two:
Ongoing Campaign
Promotional Plan Step Three:
Ongoing Campaign
Promotional Channel-
A communication line that is established between a company and their consumer.
Social Media
Promotional Plan Step Four:
Ongoing Campaign
Carrying out all of the actions of the promotional plan by determining who is responsible for each action and how it will be completed. Once all the actions are completed, they are put together to create a promotional campaign.

Promotional Plan Step Five:
Ongoing Campaign
When and how long you launch your promotion
Know how seasonal sales affect your product.
Promotional Plan Step Five:
Ongoing Campaign
Know what your promotional strategies will cost.

Which is the most expensive?
Make adjustments
This year's Super Bowl- $3.5 million/30 seconds
Promotional Plan Step Six:
Ongoing Campaign
Determine is the promotional strategy that was selected is working or not.

Increase in Sales
Positive Customer Feedback
Number of Replies/Coupon Use
Converse Shoe Company to promote their new (kind of) athletic shoe line (running, basketball, etc.) to compete with Nike.

Promotional Mix
Develop a Pre-Opening Promotional Plan
What is your plan to establish a positive image?
How are you going to let customer know about it?
How will you attract customers?
What is your plan to build interest/excitement?

Your team has been hired by…

Converse Shoe Company to maintain communication with consumers.

Promotional Mix
Identify who the target market is
Describe the product value (high or low end)
What promotional/advertising channels are you going to use?
Give examples (use at least 3) (TV, Print, Internet, etc.)
Explain the time frame you will use for each promotional/advertising channel
Determine a total cost for your entire promotional plan
(preopening, ongoing, and promotional mix)
Your team has been hired by…

Most business spend about 25% of advertising money on newspapers.
(Inserts or Ad Space)

local, widespread, quick
short lifespan, not just sold to target market customers

Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Newspaper Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Magazine Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Direct Mail Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Outdoor Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Directory Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Transit Advertising-
Mobile = More Exposure
Growing media
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Radio Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Internet Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Promotional Mix
Types of Sales Promotions
5 Types-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
Television Advertising-
Promotional Mix
Types of Advertising
11 Types of Commercials-
This type of TV ad uses an experts or customers testimony on how great products or services are and why potential customers should buy
Celebrity Piggy Back
There are two reasons to use celebrities in TV ads.

The first one is trust
The second reason is most people want to live the perfect life. Seeing celebrities using a product or service might influence others to want and use the same things as them.
If a product does something unique, has a patent or special formula it is possible to focus strongly on this.
These focus on providing as much information about the product or service as possible.
The strongest human emotion that is the main motivator for people to act. It can be provoked by strong factual messages or offensive visual imagery.
TV is unable to deliver smell, touch, taste. Due to this the experience of a commercial is descriptive and replies on imagery instead.
Sitcom Series
The creation of a series of commercials with the same actors. It has a sitcom feel and the stars of the commercial become the face of the company/product.
Appeal to Vanity
A product or company seems exclusive and expensive. These types of ads are generally very visually clean with very little dialogue.
Any approach that is made to get a laugh from the viewer.
Go with the Stream
If a product is for average consumers it’s clever to tell your potential customers that it’s normal to buy your product and that everyone does it.
Sex Appeal
It gets the viewers heart beating and is also a good way to target a product to a specific gender.
Promotional Mix
Television Advertising
A series of blank boxes that serve as a graphic organizer in which illustrations and text are displayed in sequence for the purpose of pre-visualizing a commercial.
Converse Shoe Company to promote their new (kind of) athletic shoe line (running, basketball, etc.) to compete with Nike.

Create a storyboard for a converse commercial promoting their new running shoes. Choose a type of commercial you want to use, then cleanly draw how the commercial will flow. Next to each box, you must include a script of what will be said during the commercial
Your team has been hired by…

Converse Shoe Company to promote their new (kind of) athletic shoe line (running, basketball, etc.) to compete with Nike.

Create a billboard for the new Converse running shoes. You will draw your billboard (no printing) and it must be creative, clean, and includes color. Use the elements of effective billboards we discussed during class.

Be ready to present!
Your team has been hired by…

Promotional Mix
Types of Sales Promotions
Promotional Mix
Types of Sales Promotions
Promotional Mix
Types of Sales Promotions
Games of chance that build interest and excitement
Promotional Mix
Types of Sales Promotions
Free Samples-
Promotional Mix
Types of Sales Promotions
Deceptive Marketing
Deceptive/False Marketing
Any advertising or promotion that misrepresents the nature, characteristics, qualities or geographic origin of goods, services or commercial activities
( false or misleading statements in advertising)
Deceptive/False Marketing
Effective and persuasive,strategy that often leads to big jumps in sales.
Example, Alexander McQueen’s sales jumped 27% after Kate Middleton chose the designer for her wedding dress.
Celebrity Endorsements
While celebrity ads are not always deceptive, but they can be. These types of a ads are required to follow the following rules established by the FTC:
The endorser must disclose their relationship with the advertiser.
Present their honest opinion of the product featured in the ad.
They must also be users of the product or service at the time the endorsement was made.
Deceptive/False Marketing
Technique used to draw customers into a store by promoting low/bargain prices on a specific product, only to fail to deliver on that bargain once we actually get there.
Example: a Kia Car dealership is selling a car $30,000 for a 'priced-to-move' price of $18,000. When customers arrive in the showroom, that deal is no longer available because the car is sold-out
Bait and Switch Advertising
Deceptive/False Marketing
There are several ways promotions and advertisements can be deceptive.
This is how this it works...
Deceptive/False Marketing
Free Isn't Always Free
Marketing techniques used to lure customs into free trails, products, or services by focusing on the 'free portion' and lightly communicating the 'strings attached portion' of the deal that leads to customers paying for the “free” goods and services.
Deceptive/False Marketing
Made in America
Deceptive/False Marketing
Fine Print
Deceptive/False Marketing
Exaggerating Product Benefits and Features
Small print located at the bottom of an ad that contains details of an offer, the fast-talking announcer on the radio explaining the terms and conditions.
It is a common tendency of consumers to ignore those details,

Patriotism is an incredibly effective marketing tool as some consumers are willing to pay more for products made in the USA.
What does made in the USA mean?
Which is the most American made car on the road today?
Is the information accurate about what the product does and what its benefits? Sometimes information is exaggerated or mandated to seem like a product does more or is better than it really is.
Example- Activia and Rice Krispies
Domino's Artisan Pizza
McDonald's Egg White McMuffin
What is deceptive about these?
Wendy's Hamburgers
Hillshire Farms lunchmeat
Burger King and Subway

Domino's requires its employees to make the rectangles of the dough jagged to seem more 'rustic' and natural
McDonald's makes the Egg White Delight sandwich's egg look jagged and irregular to appear healthier/natural.
McDonald's Egg White McMuffin
Kraft Foods worked hard to make the turkey from its "carving board" line look uneven.
Wendy's softened the edges of its hamburger patties to make them seem less processed.
Hillshire Farm added caramel coloring to the edges of its turkey lunchmeat.
Meats arrive at the restaurants with the grill marks already "charred" on.
Advertising Laws
Because information is sometimes manipulated or twisted to seem more favorable or desirable, laws have been put into place to protect consumers.

These laws are created to ensure consumers are getting accurate information and are not being mislead.
Majority of false advertising claims reported are brought forth by competitors.
Advertising Laws
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulates all advertising and marketing in the U.S including how products are labeled, advertising campaigns, any health and environmental claims made, as well as advertising to children.
Truth In Advertising Laws-
Advertising must be truthful and non-deceptive

Advertisers must have evidence to back up their claims

Advertisements cannot be unfair
Case Study: McDonalds
McDonald's has four distinct shapes for its Chicken McNuggets. The bone, ball, bell, and boot shapes make consumers feel like they're not eating manufactured product.
Case Study: McDonalds
Why would McDonalds want their chicken McNuggents to seem more natural?
What Do You Think?
Is it considered false advertising/deceptive marketing if companies make products similar to the example in the video above?
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