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Enough by Suzanne Buffam; Destiny Smith.

No description

Destiny Smith

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Enough by Suzanne Buffam; Destiny Smith.

Summary on "Enough." Summary: The poem "Enough" is about the author, Suzanne Buffam, having hateful feelings towards her life. She is not to please with it. She asks herself in her poem, "What does it mean to love the life we've been given?" Suzanne does not have words to describe the hatred for her life, or maybe she's just having a bad day and wants to escape. Author's Biography Name: Suzanne Buffam Enough By: Suzanne Buffam Background Information on "Enough" The poem "Enough" is Suzanne's famous work. She is well known because of this poem. It was copy written in 2010, and that's is the only information I have on the poem. By Suzzane Buffam Enough Project by: Destiny Smith Birth: December 6th 1972 Birth place: Canada Narrator: Suzanne Buffam Point of view: First person Conflict: Internal, self vs. self. Setting: Suzanne's house Theme: You always have a choice in the life you live. Tone: Depressed
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