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Laura Flanagan

on 17 October 2016

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Transcript of Virginia

The Alexandria Historic District is a National Historic Landmark District in Alexandria, Virginia. This area contains one of the nation's best groups of late-18th and early-19th century urban architecture. The district was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1966.
The Virginia colony is not dominated by a specific religion which gave way to religous freedom for Baptists, Anglicans and others.
Virginia was founded in 1607 by John Smith he found it and decided it was in the southern colonies
Colonial Virginia had a varied geography consisting of swamps, wetlands and waterway near the ocean. It has small mountains of the Appalachians. There were also large valleys like the Shenandoah Valley in the mountain regions.

Who is John Smith?
by Rhett Gigi Mia
John Smith was born in 1580 in Willoughby,England. John Smith left home at age 16 becuase his dad died. John Smith was a volunteers in France that were fighting for Dutch independence from Spain. Two years later he was a sailor for a ship in the Mediterranean Sea. He was a brave soldier and capitan in the army he was a fleet of three ships. He began working for the Virginia company. They wanted to colonize the new world and make money from what they could produce there. John Smith found this new land and named it after Queen Elizabeth.
.Virginia was founded in jamestown in 1607
.Virginia was the first english colony in the new world
.In 1624 Virginia was made a royal coloney
.Included fuor of America's first five presednts
.The most slaves in the southern colonies
.Virginia declaredit's independence from great britin in 1775
.Virginia became a state on June 25th, 1788
.The sivil war ended slavery in Virginia
Farming was the only industry in colonial times.
The bigest crops were tobacco, grapes, and corn.
Tobacco quickly became the biggest export. By
sending tobacco overseas, they got a lot of money. The colony grow very fast. Many people moved to Virginia from England and Europe. Farming remained the main industry in Virginia tell the industrial revolution. Tobacco remained Virginia's main crop until the turn of this century.
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