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Corporate Health & Wellness Workshop

No description

Nancy Jajodia

on 2 June 2014

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Transcript of Corporate Health & Wellness Workshop

Laws of Health...
Your Lifestyle......Your Well being
Good Health...!!!!!

What are you

to claim it..???
Benefits of Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting an optimal lifestyle, experts say, can give us upto
10 more
good years of life.
Disease...it says,
Health and Work Performance...
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
Diabetes Mellitus
Heart Diseases
Chronic Stress
Depression and Anxiety
Piles & Constipation
Corporate Health & Nutritional Wellness Workshop
Studies show that lifestyle habits, rather than genes, determine upto 90% of life expectancy
"As you sow...so shall you reap.."
Clarity in thinking
Enhances decision making
Positive Attitude
Active & Energetic
Increased Productivity
Prevents diseases
Major Causes Include...
Sedentary Lifestyle
Unhealthy Eating Habits
Corporate Lifestyle Diseases
Major Health Concerns..
Crash diet, a danger to health
Workshop Activities-
Activity on reading
Nutrition fact labels
Why is there a need of these workshops...???
of Diabetics and hypertensives go
predisposing them to life threatening consequences.
The fastest way to restore wellness is to
stop putting harmful things
in the body & then provide the body with nutrients which helps in its repair & rebuilding
A very small investment in these workshops will prevent you from spending major chunk on medical and health care facilities..

If you want to do something amazing for your employees, IT IS THIS..!!!

Looking Forward to hearing from you....!!!!
Workshop Sessions..
What can you do to prevent these morbid conditions in your setup..?

Everyone Wants It......
Healthy office Ergonomics
Manage Diabetes with food
Art of Eating
Stress Management & Mental Cultivation
Get rid of excess weight & fat
One to One
Diet Counseling
Body Composition
Tests for
General body screening
Physical Fitness
using standardized tools
& estimating
Ideal Body Weight
Games and Quizzes
to assess the knowledge of the participants before& after the sessions.
" Prevention is better than Cure"
Thank You!
Educate your employees..!!!
Signature Nutrition Clinic
"Enables complete well-being"
India is ranked No.1
in cardiac patients, according to a survey by Harvard School of Public Health

Heart Diseases to be single
greatest 'killer'
in India by 2015 (WHO).

Heart attacks
among executives
years ahead of global average age:  Prevention needs to start in early 20's.
Highest growth among
young executives
:  1 of 8 is under 40 years.
Impact on the Company
Company is an organization of people. When employees health is affected, the work is delayed, which has an overall effect on the company & creates an unhealthy environment.

A well qualified & professional team of Registered Dietitian & Nutritionists
A trusted source of science based information counseling
Activities to emphasize on healthy habits.
A unique programme first time in Surat
Service at your doorstep

Heart Friendly food
How to be active in routine life
Taking control of portion sizes
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