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Hannah's day!!!!


madeline z

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Hannah's day!!!!

Our vision for
'The Warwick campus of the future'
Creating our concept
Who was our main stakeholder
What did this person do? Think? How do they interact with the campus?
Meet Hannah
Does our solution apply to you?
So what is our vision....?
"To create a more interactive, better integrated Campus 2.0 environment."
What is the common multi-functional device at present?
To be continued...
In the not so distant future
Feature 1:
Telepass (ETC- Electronic Toll Collection)
Put phone in car
No need to stop and scan
Direct drive through
Auto time counting & fee collection
In the not so distant future
Ask for information
In the not so distant future
Facial scanning

Integrating advanved technology
Information accumulation
Analysis and understand your habit
Self-learning mechanism & intelligent respond
Smart personal assistant
Warwick life 2.0
Convenient paying
Real-time information of campus facilities
Instant messaging
Post delivery tracking
An evolutionary platform
Major functions of "Warwick Life 2.0"
Availability(Car park & Meeting room)
Availability (Car park & Meeting room)
Car Park
Check the occupancy information ahead
Scan the phone and get the position information
Meeting room
Avoid interrupting people inside
Students get in touch with lecturer in real- time.
Post service
Information from lecturer directly transferred to student’s phone

Check post information before going to post room
E.g. one parcel arriving tomorrow
Payment (Vending machine & Car park)
· Scanning phone against code reader
· Payment information displayed
· Confirm
Vending Machine
Car park
· Scanning Phone→Start Timing
· Parking Fee Generated and Displayed
· Confirm

Resources Needed?

Car park
Scanner (Entrance)
Scanner (Exit)
Database (Car park database & Central database)
Meeting room
· Infrared Detection Device
· Teaching Building Database
Vending Machine
· Scanner
Post Service
Delivery Company Database
A more integrated
Campus 3.0
experience for you
Summary of issues we want to tackle:
Payment system
Post Service
Room bookings
Integrating various functions

Payment(vending machine & Car park)
Post service
Car Park
Save time in room searching
· Central Database
Central Database
Post Office Database
Feature 2: Siri
On the go
Audio feedback
Feature 3:
Facial Recognition
More secure
Device free
In the distant future
Group 1
Ping Ding Chalin Han Siobhan Kelly
Ayaka Uchiyama Li Zhang

A Different Day!
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