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1940's Corporate Social Responsibility

No description

Katie Hartnoll

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of 1940's Corporate Social Responsibility

1940's Corporate Social Responsibility
Employee Recognition
Staff Bulletins
New venture in the business in 1946
Employees key for bulletins development
Based on employees wants and interests

1947 Spring Bulletin
‘Looking Back With a Purpose’ by F. Ross (Personnel Manager)
Recognising long serving/ recently retired employees

1947 Autumn Bulletin
‘Looking Back With a Purpose Continued’ by F. Ross (Personnel Manager)
Will be a regular feature
Annual ceremony for long standing employees
Investing in employees through educational initiatives:

Regional training course – developing strong employee relations throughout the hierarchy (Staff Bulletin, 1949)

Catering courses – with an underlying aim of making the catering department understand their importance (Staff Bulletin, 1949)

Food hygiene training (Staff Bulletin, 1946)

Financial support for employee education (Personal and Welfare Manual , 1946).

What was the purpose of the initiatives?
M&S believe that investing in employees is better for business prosperity (Staff Bulletin, 1949).

Present Day:
'Green' marketing training
1.5 Days of training to each customer assistant (M&S, 2014).
Shortage of Resources
Staff involvement

Medical Examinations
Seasonal Doctor
Dental Health Care
First Aid Courses
Rest Rooms
Subsidized Canteens
Maximum Hours Per Week

‘The Benevolent Trust’ by S. Lisbona (ACA Secretary of Trust)
- Pension scheme for long standing employees
Money invested to provide income for pensions/ grants
Pensions granted by board of employees/directors
Discretionary basis
Employees remain ‘part of the family’

Present Day
Spotlight Programmes
Introduced in 2010
Recognition for exceptional service
Bronze, silver, gold rewards
Recognition at store, regional and national leve

Health, Recognition, War & Charity and


Plan A
War and Charity

Second World War 1939-1945
Dominated by rationing
Absent men
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M&S. 2014. Plan A / About Plan A. [Online]. Available from: http://corporate.marksandspencer.com/plan-a/b6867fa1340d482da1ebde62c099dd69

Paterson, 2010, Marks and Spencer introduces schemes to enhance staff motivation. [Online]. Accessed 4th November 2014. Available from: http://www.employeebenefits.co.uk/.../marks.../11274.article
(M&S, 2014)
(Personnel and Welfare Manual 1946)
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