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Allegory Of The Cave Vs The Truman Show

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yashiyah louissaint

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of Allegory Of The Cave Vs The Truman Show

Although the prisoners were trapped they knew why they were trapped. They were trapped because of their wrong actions.
The prisoners did really know what was on the other side. Because they experienced it before they were put in the cave.
The prisoners weren't born into jail. They were put their experiencing reality of life but them making the made decisions they did they were put in the cave at a later date.
Truman on the other hand was trapped like the prisoners were but he didn't know he was. He had no clue.
Truman towards the end of the movie knew something was wrong. He knew there was more to life to what he was living.
Truman was born into this fake world. He never knew what it was like to be outside of the fake town.
In both,
The Truman Show
by Peter Weir and "Allegory Of The Cave" written by Plato both people was living their life in a false reality. While both works have a lot of similarities they also have many differences.
A similarity between the
allegory of the cage
and "The Truman Show" is that in the allegory of the cage they were trapped from the outside world.
In the
Allegory of the Cave the prisoners know that they are trapped in the cave due to their actions. They just do not know who trapped them in the cave.
In the
Allegory of the Cave
they knew what it was like to live on the outside world of the cave. The prisoners were once on the other side of the cave. They once had a job and a real family and got to experience different things in life that goes on in the world.
In "The Truman Show" Truman lived in a world that was controlled by actors who lived a double life for the show. Truman was able to have a job that he didn't get fired from, a wife that did all the things around the house for him, and people that do not start any drama in life. He was never around that kind of things to see that it is weird that that doesn't happen in his life.
Then in "The Truman Show", Truman was in a set up fake world and trapped from the real world.
Truman in "The Truman Show" has no idea about him being trapped in this fake world and why he is being trapped. He has no idea about the show about his life and that he is being lied to by everyone.
Truman in "The Truman Show" never knew what the real world is like. He lived in a fixed world with actors who played roles to make his life planned. Every day was almost identical. He had a job, wife,family but he doesn't know its all fake. He has a fake family, friends, and job and was never able to experience things that goes on in the real world.
In the
Allegory of the cave
the prisoners did bad things and then these people got trapped in a cave and do not get to have that life that the have a job,family, and friends anymore. They got isolated in this cave and knew why they were there and didn't know who trapped them.
In both
The Allegory of the Cave
and "The Truman Show" there are two different worlds being lived.
In the Allegory of the Cave half of the people got to live both lifestyles and the other half are still living the same lifestyle and stopping the other half from coming back and living that life because they couldn't handle it the first time. they had bad actions and believed that they don't deserve that life anymore so they were trapped in the cave.
In "The Truman Show" Truman is the only one living a single life. While everyone else lived a life were they went to work in Truman's life and still went home to live in reality. then there is all the people in the real world sitting around watching the show go on with Truman and all those actors live a life that is almost perfect for Truman.
Mitchell Hauser
Yashiyah Louissaint
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