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Low HDI country

No description

Savannah Purcell

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Low HDI country

Human Poverty Index
88. India (28.0) Life expectancy at birth
128. India (63.4) Adult literacy rate
(% ages 15 and above)
120. India (66.0) Combined gross enrolment ratio
134. India (61.0) Human Poverty Index
88. India (28.0)
People not using an improved water source
76. India (11) Mister Ramesh Sahu works in the sanitation department of Calcutta, cleaning out the city’s sewers. Despite a rise in the number of deaths of manhole workers every year, workers regularly go into the manholes without any protective gear. I believe India has a low HDI because of the lack of resources in the country. Much of their water and air is polluted. Also, because of the large population it is difficult to properplyu proportion everyone on the land and provide decent jobs, education, healthcare, and food.
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