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The Thought of High windows

No description

John Smith

on 2 April 2014

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Transcript of The Thought of High windows

Lynne Kositsky is a poet and the author of a wide array of award-winning novels such as Candles, Rebeccas Flame, The Maybe House, Certificate of Freedom and many others but the most critically acclaimed is The Thought of High Windows. It won the Canadian jewish book award, and magazines like The Washington Post, Horn Book Magazine, and the School Library Journals praise. The book reflects on the hardships that people had to endure during the Holocaust. Most of Lynne's books center around a child (usually a girl) who has to endure threw struggles that were caused by uncaring adults. Kositsky was born in Montreal and grew up in London, England.
About the author
Esther describes her life as one of a group of Jewish children taken from Germany to France by the Red Cross during World War II. The novel begins when she is 15 and living in a French castle; her childhood in Berlin is described through flashbacks. After France's surrender to Germany, the situation becomes more dangerous for the refugees. Afraid that the Nazis will arrest her, Esther leaves the castle and eventually becomes involved with the Jewish Underground. Since she is from a more old Jewish family, Esther is an outcast among the youngsters in her group, many of whom consider themselves to be "new Jews." They also tease her about being overweight. Her relationship with her only friend, Walter, is complicated by his interest in another girl. Esther's longing for her family and feelings of depression make her a very real character and her increasing losses and loneliness draw readers into her experiences. I think the title comes from her many attempts to jump through windows, whether to hide from teasing or to save her life. An exciting and insightful novel that allows one to reflect on what life was like for children back then. This book is intended for a mature audience as it graphically portrays events from the holocaust.
Paul Kovac
The Thought of High windows
Esther is a fifteen year old girl who is young, Jewish and on the run from the Nazis after she left her family in Belgium. Esther is one of a group of children who managed to flee Germany for France at the beginning of World War II. Esther is overly plump and the other children are always making fun of her for it by being ironic and calling her mouse. This has made her withdrawn and antisocial. Her only friend is Walter who has large mood swings and loves her one moment and hates her the next thanks to the instigating of Eva. Esther is harbouring secretive feelings for Walter that go past wanting to be friends and Eva knows it, this is unfortunate for her because it seems Walter only has eyes for pretty girls like Eva and Inge. When trapped or frightened, Esther sees windows — and flying out of them — as her only salvation.

There is little to no background information on Walter but by the way he acts most of the time it is obvious that he had a rough upbringing. He is the same age as Esther Walter is the bad boy of the group and is known for angering easily but seems to also have the skills of a leader. He keeps calm when trouble hits and prevents panic among the other children. These attributes have kept the group safe through many harrowing situations. Walter is a survivor and will do anything to make it when it comes down to it but he also cares for the other children like they are family because it appears they are all he has left. He is especially fond of Esther except not the way she is fond of him it seems. He does have a weakness for pretty girls like Eva and Inge though.

Rated 9/10 by
Children's scholastic!
Characters cont.
The popular, petite, porcelain doll like girl of the group Eva has all of the boys chasing after her. She is the same age as Walter and Esther.Before she fled germany she was rich and spoiled. She is a bully to anyone she thinks to be below her and Esther is her main victim. Eva thinks that what the nazis are doing to them is all the fault of the old Jews and Esther just happens to be one. She torments her daily with cruel words and she leads Walter on because its obvious to her that Esther likes him. Eva tries to turn Walter against Esther with lies and false displays of jealousy towards Esther. Eva is dealing with the hardships that everyone in the group are enduring by taking out whatever pent up anger she has out on Esther, making Esther's life even more miserable.
The smart one of the group she has kept on step ahead of the Nazis with a quick tongue and a talent for getting what she wants. Even though she is a Modern Jew Esther looks up to her like no other. She is her heroine and Esther can't help admiring her. Inge was not supposed to end up with the group but she talked her way into it. She is the only one who is remotely kind to Esther as well as all of the other children. Her and Walter are the leaders of the group in most situations due to the fact that everyone listens to walter and respects Inge.

An Invigorating novel that will give you an insight like never before on the holocaust
New York Press
Just read its good
A Truly inspirational read that will leave you feeling satisfied
Ellen degeneres
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