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Gas Masks in World War 1

No description

Maddi Bentz

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Gas Masks in World War 1

Impact on the war
Made in World War 1 because, poison gas was used to attack the enemy.
Washed in anti-gas chemicals to keep the troops safe.
Gas could cause blisters, coughing, burning, tears, and even death.
Gas masks were a vital part in World War 1.
Gas Mask Facts
The gas mask was made in the United States, by a man named James Bert Garner
It was intended to keep people safe from poison gas attacks.
This was a very effective weapon, because it saved many lives.
Fun Facts
Without the gas masks, many more people would have died.
The only protection they had at first was their clothes.
Which didn't do much because, the gas could still go through your eyes.
The clothes didn't work as good filters as well.
How Did It Change?
At the beginning of World War 1, gas masks were cotton pads rinsed in urine.
Throughout the war, the gas mask changed a lot.
Became a cover over your head with plastic for you to see through.
Most masks had a breathing tube and a filter.
Different Countries had different looking gas masks
Gas masks were made for dogs, horses, and even babies.
There was a dog in World War one who could sense when bombs, artillery, and even gas attacks were about to strike! He won many medals, including the purple heart.




Book: Over There! The American Soldier in World War 1, By Jonathan Gawne
Is it Still Used Today?
Gas mask is still used today
You can buy one on Amazon and Ebay for a fairly low price
They do look a little more modern though
Gas Masks in World War 1
Created by: Madison Bentz
Two Germans and their mule wearing gas masks
Modern Gas Mask
Amazon logo
A dog with his gas mask on
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