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Early College & Career Awareness

No description

Taylor Warren

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of Early College & Career Awareness

Early College & Career Awareness
What is the problem?
in erests
Our Role as Counselors: ASCA
Small Groups
Mock college applications

"My First Resume"

Career Cafe

Discuss college-ready attributes and how they apply to their work in elementary school
Classroom Guidance
Systemic Strategies
Developing a college-going culture

Visibility around school*

College week or month*
-Daily college announcements
-Door decorating contest
Local business partners come in to teach about their jobs

Work with local college/university
- College Tours
- Exposure to college students
- College representatives visit school
- Provide free college banners, pins, information, etc.*
Academic goal setting/planning

Discuss expectations (EO)

Exploration of strengths, weaknesses, and strengths related to careers

Middle school transition plans

Home field trips with school stuffed animal "Tracker"
-Field trip home to explore careers in community
Working with Parents
"Parent University"
- Educating parents about college timeline
- College starts in Kindergarten
- College-ready checklists*
- Financial Education
- Providing college resources/pamphlets

Parent Involvement in Career Day: Exposing students to diversity within the work force
Erikson's stage theory

Early academic achievement correlates with later academic achievement
- Early predictors of high school drop out
(Source 3)
- "Patterns of academic performance" (Source 2)
? ? ?
Children's ideas about their academic future (Source 2)
- Attitude about self-as-learner
Classrooms represent a school or university

- Online Scavenger Hunts
- Career or College Bingo
- Ice Cream Cones: Match Skills to Careers*
- Career "Toolbox"*
What will it look like?
Aspects of a school (Source 1):
$185 bill.
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The Creative Counselor
The Responsive Counselor
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