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The Soda Wars- Coca Cola

No description

Niklas Illenseer

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of The Soda Wars- Coca Cola

Famous Faces
Table of contents
History of the company
Effects and success
Famous faces

The Soda

History of the company
Coke created by Dr. John S. Pemberton
Asa G. Candler purchases Coca-Cola
Hilda Clark (musician) 1st celebrity endorsing coke
coke bottling operations begin in Canada, Cuba and Panama
1st advertisment with basketball players
coke bottling operations in the
Asa Candler retires to become the mayor of Atlanta
Bottling plants opened in Europe
Robert W. Woodruff becomes President of Coke
operates in over 200 countries with over 84.000 suppliers

70% of Coca Cola's business income is generated from non-US sources
many countries have banned Coca Cola's products, claiming that the products are "threatening public health" and "encouraging obesity"

accusation of child labour
difficulties for the company
product differentiation: several packaging options and sizes to customize the product for different market segments/ countries

technology advances- including product transportation, telecommunication and computerization- became the driving force behind Coca Cola's ability to capitalize on
the rapidly expanding marketplace across the globe
e.g. "Cherry Coke" or "Vanilla Coke"
for younger consumers;
"Diet Coke" for older generations
ability to customize products
to meet the needs and wants of
individual markets all over the world
Coke enters Australia, Austria,
Norway and South Africa
“Coke” becomes a registered trademark of
The Coca-Cola Company
1st TV commercial for Coke
Musical commercial: “Coke time” debuts on radio and television
very popular
distributed by a network of 1,700 bottlers,
operating in more than 100 countries
1st featured film “One, Two, Three”
introduction of Sprite (2/1)
coke goes public
TaB first diet drink
“Things Go Better with Coke” campaign begins
red and white look launched
“It’s the real thing”
sponsors first animated TV special
“A Charlie Brown Christmas.”
and Success
Strong global presence
recognized by 94 per cent of the earth's population
second most universally understood phrase after "OK"
it can be found almost anywhere

in more than 200 countries
marketing tactics and global expansion strategies led to their domination of the world soft-drink industry
Advertising and differentiation
different advertisements according to several situations

running different campaigns
e.g. christmas, holiday...
Well recognized and
cherished brand name
Coca Cola and Pepsi
depends on age group

Pepsi is indeed less popular than Coke around the world!
various campaigns were started in the last few years
some were international, but some others were limited to specific countries
Here is a list of different campaigns:
The Coca-Cola Happiness Machine
Friendship Experiment (China)
pictures of 'friends' were taken
were total strangers before
campaign against lonleliness and isolation
Share a Coke (launched 2013)
chance given to personalize your coke by order
massive success on social networks
Open Happiness
Campaign spot: truck rolled out grass, shaped like a coke bottle, people had to take their shoes off to get a free coke (instructions given by a sign)
campaign to appeal to take a break, fresh up with a coke and enjoy the little things and pleasures in life
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Kai Jüchter,
Matthias Meier,
Martin Untiedt,
Stefan Wobbe.
a presentation by
Dennis Brümmer,
Thao Bui,
Markus Holzwart,
Marco Hömmen,
Marit Hoveling,
Niklas Illenseer,
many famous stars were brought into the advertising campaigns
often pop-stars, but also actors and sportsmen
Marylin Monroe

Bill Cosby

Bill Gates

George Michael

Whitney Houston
Coca-Cola trucks!
Dave Chapelle

Penelope Cruz

50 Cent

Kobe Bryant

Wayne Rooney
famous singer, one of the first tv-ads
actor, comedian
very famous business man, very rich
singer, songwriter
singer, songwriter
actor, comedian
actor, oscar prize winner
created 1995
return every year on christmas
opportunity to win a ride
one of the most famous campaigns
basketball player
football player
Current "Famous Face" of coca cola
advertising campaign, a polar ice bear:
eg.g. Bill Cosby
Jennifer Lope,
Michael Kwan
Santa Claus
Polar bears
"Get one of the Coca-Cola
Polar Bears. Find the Bear in
the Bottle Cap and get one of
88.888 Polarbears"
Insert the Code in the Cap
on Coca-Cola.com
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