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Presentation Nike Fair Trade

Presentation Skills first presentation. Promoting new product of brand Nike

Maria de Wit

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Presentation Nike Fair Trade

Nike Fair Trade - Extremely popular brand
- People think employees are treated badly

We switch to Nike Fair Trade Status Quo Nike Fair Trade Image of Nike changes Make your day, make their future NIKE Reduce poverty
Building a future for employees
many more reasons Conclusion Any questions? -What is Fair Trade?
-Why choose Fair Trade?
= improve circumstances of the employees
= making the better world. Social Responsibility - Nike is one of the first sport companies to switch to Fair Trade
- Sport Spirit !NEW! Nike Fair Trade line promote Nike going Fair Trade by new line Nike Fair Trade is a good idea because; Introduction Content of presentation
- Status Quo Nike
- What is Fair Trade?
- Social responsibility of Nike
- New Nike Fair Trade line
- Conclusion
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