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No description

Brian Esquivel

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Illuminati

Media The Illuminati Thesis Statement Brian Esquivel Conspiracy Theory? or Not? Throughout history many speculations have uprooted due to the controversial topic of a secret society known as the Illuminati. What is the Illuminati Who is The Illuminati 13 Bloodlines Symbols Symbols and Numerology in Architecture Currency Alleged Illuminati Attacks Television and Movies References Founded on May 1, 1776 by Adam Weishaupt
Is a secret society within a secret society.
Consisting of 13 Bloodlines of the richest and most powerful people.
Whose ultimate goal is to have a New World Order and World Domination
Own International Banks, oil businesses, the most powerful businesses of industry and trade and own most governments. 1. Astor
2. Bundy
3. Collins
4. DuPont
5. Freeman
6. Kennedy
7. Li (Chinese)
8. Onassis
9. Rockefeller
10. Rothschild
11. Russell
12. Van Duyn
13. Merovingian (European Royal Families) These families have "ties" with the Illuminati:
1. Reynolds
2. Disney
3. Krupp
4. McDonald All Seeing Eye
Masonic Floors (checkered)
Numerology (666)
Inverted Pentagram
Baphomet's head
Hand Gestures: The Louve in Paris is made out of 666 panes of glass.
The mall in Washington DC is laid out so the gardens and streets form the image of an owl
The pentagon is an infinite occult symbol
Obelisks are phallic symbols September 11, 2001 London Bombing in 2005
Mock Terrorist Attack Prediction. Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Angels and Demons
Terminator 2
Halloween town Disney Channel CBS Rihanna
Jay – Z
Lady Gaga
Kanye West
Bob Marley
Nicki Minaj
Snoop Dogg
Lil Wayne
Katy Perry
Kobe Bryant
Lebron James Made up from the 13 Bloodlines

Involve corporations, secret societies, government parties.

Control: media, governments, money flow, world affairs. Rihanna - Umbrella
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