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Logical Comparison

Enc1101 Group project

Lauren Perez

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of Logical Comparison

Logical Comparison (Faulty Comparison) A Faulty Comparison is comparing one thing to another that is not logical or related. -Completeness
- Consistency
- Clarity Rules: Any comparison between two or more items must have three characteristics. Incorrect: The sunflowers at the Farmers Market are fresher than Walmart's

Correct: The sunflowers at the Farmers Market are fresher than the sunflowers at Walmart.

* The incorrect example compares sunflowers to a store (Walmart).
* The correct example compares sunflowers to sunflowers. Consistency A sentence must be complete in comparing. Completeness Incorrect: Jim Morrison is a better musician.

*The above example is incorrect because the sentence compares Jim Morrison to nothing, which makes it incomplete.

Correct- Jim Morrison is a better musician than Justin Bieber. The sentence meaning must be clear. Clarity Incorrect: Sally's dog, like Emily, has long drooping ears.

Correct: Sally's dog like Emily's, has long drooping ears.
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