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Don’t forget the Funmeister! Establishing Roles to Create a Digital Age Learning Culture

Don’t forget the Funmeister! Establishing Roles to Create a Digital Age Learning Culture

Kimberly Park

on 6 December 2011

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Transcript of Don’t forget the Funmeister! Establishing Roles to Create a Digital Age Learning Culture

Don't Forget the Funmeister!
Question Keeper
Fayetteville Public Schools' Leadership & Learning Practices
Shows us something fun, inspirational, or does a team-building activity.
Top Ten Real Excuses (by Parents) for their student missing school
School Data Bingo
Taking a Moment to say Thank You - Appreciation for your peers
New Year's Resolutions (Professional & Personal)
Ted Talks videos - Don't Eat the Marshallow
Lets us know
when we've run out of time
Records all main highlights
during the meeting
within the Google Document
Keeps track of significant questions and answers during the meeting
reviews all unanswered questions at the end of the meeting
proposes future action items
Shared Responsibility
Use of Roles
8,400 students
9 elementary schools
3 middle schools
2 junior high schools
1 high school
1 adult education center

Fayetteville has been repeatedly cited as one of the most livable cities in America.
Digital Repository

Adds links and other metadata
to the Google Doc
Kim Park
We hope you come see us!
"Learning communities help students link their academic work with active and increased intellectual interaction with each other and their faculty."
Kellog, K. (1999) Learning Communities. ERIC Digest. Washington, D.C.: ERIC Clearinghouse on Higher Education. (ED430512). http://eric.ed.gov/ERICWebPortal/recordDetail?accno=ED430512
What is a learning community?
What are the components of a learning community?
What is a learning community?
Shared knowledge of one another
Shared knowledge of the information
Shared responsibility to one another in the process of learning
What are the requirements for a learning community
Tinto, V. (2003). Learning Better Together: The Impact of Learning Communities on Student Success. In Promoting Student Success in College, Higher Education Monograph Series (pp. 1-8). Syracuse, NY: Syracuse University. http://faculty.soe.syr.edu/vtinto/Files/Learning%20Better%20Together.pdf
What are some examples of learning communities using wikis?
Learning Communities
Establishing Roles to Create a Digital Age Learning Culture
What are the requirements for a learning community?
What are the components of a learning community?
Tools for Shared Responsibility in Learning Communities
such as
Flip Video™
(such as PBWorks)
District-wide wiki
Group within the district
What are some benefits of using
"That was awesome!"
from fayarsciencenotebooks.pbworks.com
Collaboration (such as GoogleDocs)
Backchanneling (such as TodaysMeet)
"Hello, Amanda"
from mrbeersclass.pbworks.com
What are some examples of media from
Flip Video™?
Quickly share information
Multiuser editing
What are some examples of using
GoogleDocs for shared responsibility?
FPS K-12 Instructional Technology
FPS CIAA - Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment & Accountability
FPS Leadership - Principals and District Directors
Wiki containing resources
1) Join - enter your first and last name
2) Say - enter the name of your school district & your email address
3) Name a couple of strategies you use to improve meetings...
1) Go to your TodaysMeet Window
2) If you have closed this, you will need to re-join with your name
3) Please answer the following question: Other than email, what digital tools does your district use for communication & collaboration?
A word from Principal Greene
Thank you - Kim Park
A word from Associate Superintendent JohnL Colbert
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