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My Development as a Writer

No description

Gina Weeks

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of My Development as a Writer

My Development as a Writer Gina Weeks Tracing Development When I compare my first essay from the fast food module, "Grossly Overweight: Why It’s The Parents Fault" to my most recent essay from the Adolescent Deliquency module, "Killa Kidz", I can see major improvements in my writing. My quality of writing transforms from adequate into extremely adequate. What makes the latter essay better than the former may also be the topic. The first essay was about fast food whereas the last essay is about teenagers who kill people. I am obviously going to be more passionate and interested in writing about murderers. Which will, in turn, produce a better essay. Strengths & Weaknesses I believe one of my strengths is having an extremely adequate vocabulary. Another one of my strengths is being able to create incredibly mediocre works of art. A weakness of mine is that writing is hard for me and it takes me a lot of time. English is not one of my best subjects and I struggle with it. It is my cross to bear. As shown throughout my work, I may bring up points that make a lot of sense to me but are lost on the reader. My Best Entry I believe my best entry to be The Value of Life Essay. I chose this essay as my best work because this is the topic I was most interested in. It had my curiosity and then it captured my interest, gentlemen. I also enjoyed reading and learning about the different perceptions that people have about life. Reading Hamlet's Soliloquy was very interesting. It made me discover a few things. Such as, the theme song from the television show "M*A*S*H" totally references Hamlet's Soliloquy. This was very shocking and also made me realize the dark undertones of that ostensibly funny show. Watching "It's a Wonderful Life" was a great experience and lead to my appreciation of Jimmy Stewart. From these great sources, I was able to produce a real nice essay. My Writing Process My Favorite & Least Favorite Piece My typical writing process involves sitting down at my computer with a cup of either coffee or tea. I first have to get rid of most distractions such as Pinterest, cats, and peers. I should be in a zen state of mind otherwise I may turn my essay into a rant against someone or something that does not deserve it. I like to start out by physically writing down my ideas on a piece of paper because I find it easier to get the creative flow going in that way. I usually get momentum going and then I am good to go and can produce a nice little essay. My favorite piece is definitely my Value of Life essay entitled "Life and Money: Do they go Hand and Hand?". The prompt was basically asking if it is possible to assign a monetary value to someone's life. I just really enjoy my points I made and the place I was at in my life when I wrote this. Writing this essay did not make me angry and I was able to just freely write down my thoughts and interpretations of life and the way people view it. My Least Favorite Piece My least favorite piece would definitely have to be the bell hooks essay. I did not enjoy writing this essay and it is quite evident to the reader. It just irked me that hooks does not even have a child, and yet she can go off on a beautifully eloquent rant about how to raise the perfect child. I guess I'll believe it when I see it. Not every topic for an essay is going to be interesting and fun for me but there was just something about this essay that I did not like and it really shows in my writing.
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