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Mountain Biking

No description

Jacob Birdseye

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Mountain Biking

AFFECT PEOPLE? Kirkpatrick MacMillan Annie Londonderry The Clunkers 1960's 2013 1842 HISTORY OF MOUNTAIN BIKING 1897 Styles Cross Country
(XC) Trail Terrain: Rough forest trails and Single-track
Very light weight bikes
Fastest time wins Gary Fisher Built the first pedal bicycle
Rode it 68 miles on a mountain Rode around the world
on a mountain bike Downhill
(DH) Heavier Bikes: 30 - 35 lbs.
Dangerous and extreme style
High speeds
Terrain: Big Jumps, Ramps, steep trails Many riding options
Not closed in one area
Bikes - Around 25 or 30 lbs Benefits Physical Social Emotional Muscular Strength Increase Muscular Endurance Increase Better Sleep + = Europe Study Shows that 30 minutes of mountain biking/day =
Significant Decrease in chance of getting Breast Cancer 20 % Gives me challenges to accomplish Improves my mood Endorphins = Releasing Endorphins = Say 'Hi' to people! It makes everybody happier
Do physical activities with friends and family!
Travel to new places, meet new people! GET INVOLVED!
Get off your phones
and video games!
Do a sport!
Sign up for a team!
Get in good shape! My Interview Brian &
Holly Gillespie Started mountain biking in the 80's
They are in their late 40's In their Prime years of age: Rode from Reno, NV to the tip of South America: a total of 15,000 miles A year and a half later, they rode
around the world on mountain bikes:
a total of 17,500 miles! Crete East Cost of Tasmania Ancient Paintings
in Utah Siberia,
1996 Brian Tasmania Tasmanian
"Devils" Athens Bali Benefits from mountain biking for Brian and Holly:
Meeting nice people
Seeing beautiful places on earth
Making memories through the stories you create How can mountain biking
affect people? Many Benefits! You will thresh the mountains and
crush them, and reduce the hills to chaff.
Isaiah 41:15
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