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Tech Connect

No description

Elizabeth Gonzalez

on 3 May 2016

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Transcript of Tech Connect

TECH Connect
TECH Connect
Program Updates
Engage 30 youth from Orosi High & Lovell Continuation schools
Planned Activities
TECH Connect
Provide youth with the tools they need to become more engaged in their communities, their schools, and in their own futures.
Guide students to complete high school, enroll in post-secondary education, and acquire job readiness skills.
9th grade = 2
10th grade = 4
11th grade = 11
12th grade = 5
males = 12
females = 10
6 = Lovell Continuation
16 = Orosi High School
Participant Spotlight
Participant Spotlight
Preparing for the
World of Work
GPA Tracking

22 students currently enrolled
22 students currently enrolled
ALL participants are certified by the IRS to file income tax returns
4 students are certified at the "Advanced" level
Career Pathways
Fluctuating Enrollment
Family Issues
Needing to Work
Sports/Other Activities
Increased Gang Activity
Increased Gang Activity
Importance of Community Service
Principles of Effective Leadership
Diversity Training
Understanding Stereotypes
Digital Literacy
Basic Computer Repair
Workforce Development
Career Exploration
Grades are tracked each semester
Tutoring is offered twice a week
to participants
One-on-One Meetings
Parenting Wisely Background
Encouraging Post-Secondary Education
College Campus Tours
Board of
Video Project
Financial Aid Activities
Parent OPEN House
Community Computer Classes
Parent Open House
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