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Daily Chores of the Pioneer Family Members

No description

Diane Hertwig

on 19 February 2011

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Transcript of Daily Chores of the Pioneer Family Members

The life of a pioneer was a busy one. When the farmer was not working in his fields, he chopped wood, built fences, hauled hay and repaired his farm tools. The work of the farm housewife and mother was endless. Besides numerous other jobs she usually had several children to care for. Children were expected to help the adults with the farm work. Daily Chores of the Men Plowing fields using horses or oxen.
Clearing the land for their home, barn, and fields.
Making their own home.
Daily Chores of the Women Sewing, mending & washing the clothes Cook meals, bake bread, and churn the butter.
Daily Chores of the Children Milking cows and gathering cow or buffalo chips for fuel in the cook stove was a duty for both girls and boys.
Boys helped with the planting and harvesting of crops and also helped hunt for food to feed the family.
Girls helped with the cooking, cleaning, mending, gathering eggs, and taking care of the younger children
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