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Port au Prince, Haiti- 5 themes of Geography

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Nathan Gomez

on 22 September 2010

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Transcript of Port au Prince, Haiti- 5 themes of Geography

port au prince, haiti- 5 themes of geography

Nathan Gomez
H/H 9 World History
A1 Map of Port au Prince Location Latitude- 18° 32' 21" N

Longitude-72° 20' 6" W

Located between Canal du Sud (channel) and Chaine de la Salle (mountain). Also, Petionville and Delmas surrounded it from southwest and southeast.

The location influenced peoples' lives because of its tropical wet and dry climate. Place Seas and mountains are near by Port au Prince.

These place factors influence peoples' lives because it was the largest capital in Haiti and tourism takes place there like mountain sites or other interesting places such as gingerbread houses. Human-Environment

People adapt the environment because of hot weather.

People change the environment by using construction to move its economy.

Dominican Republic borders
next to Port au Prince.

Mountains and lakes seperated
Port au Prince from other locations. Movement Stores and markets in Port au Prince provide
goods where farmers and herders trade their goods. Tourists move into Port au Prince
from airports and transportation from taxis.

Environment influence people's exchange
from other neighbors because the city was
Haiti's chief sea port to export coffee and sugar. Region Dry region

Many people speak creole.

It is located at the southern region of Haiti.

It's in North America (island).

It is close to every region in Haiti. References HowStuffWorks "Port-Au-Prince". (n.d.). Howstuffworks "Geography". Retrieved September 21, 2010, from http://geography.howstuffworks.com/caribbean/geography-of-port-au-prince.htm

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