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IEMA (Ricoh Internal)

No description

Ben Curtis

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of IEMA (Ricoh Internal)

Foundation The "Leading the way" event Professional Development Ricoh's Sustainability Programme Results Wants & Needs What financial & environmental impact do their current processes have on their business?

To what level is this understood throughout the business?

A thought leader to uncover, recommend and deliver measurable improvements (products, service & CPD). What's it all about? A Strategic Partnership From sustainability to 'zero carbon footprint' in 5 steps A unique opportunity to deliver a blend of services including hardware & re-man, UCS, ITS, PS & out-sourcing. Combine this with environmental Ricoh CPD endorsed by IEMA..............

...................A truly managed service delivered to a ready made market. An idea not even conceived by our competition and one that can never be matched! Presented by Ben Curtis
to Glenn Griggs
8/5/2013 Partnership between 2 global leaders.

Based on environmental thought leadership.

Potential for Ricoh to partner 5,000 UK organisations.

A unique position with no competition. Who are they? IEMA - An environmental membership & qualification organisation.

15,000 members from 5,000 organisations.

60% of FTSE 100 companies are affiliated.

Advise UK government on "Green" policies and legislation. Who are the members?
To become the only IEMA approved provider.

Leverage our new status & endorsement to engage senior DMU's.

Engage 5,000 businesses with an enhanced MDS offering. What's the idea? Corporate & individuals.

Both private & public sectors.

Construction, aerospace, defence, energy, power & nuclear, chemicals & retail.

BP, GSK, Balfour Beatty & The NHS. Developed between Ricoh & IEMA.

Attended by the top 5% global environmental leaders.

Environmental reporting to drive business.

Presented by Chas Maloney - Ricoh
Martin Baxter - IEMA
Dr Cathie Makay - GSK

A unique need discovered................ IEMA together with City & Guilds.

A Ricoh-centric qualification.

Tailored for all levels of seniority & experience.

Successfully piloted at BAe systems, EDF, Royal Mail, Carillion & Wilkinson's.

Ricoh are developing in house delivery capability. The key to MDS delivery into 5,000 UK organisations.

Blend CPD with Ricoh SOP and gain sole approved provider status.

Capitalise on IEMA endorsement for a hotline into boardrooms and public sector organisations.
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