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Cultural Memoir Project

No description

Ali Kimball

on 24 May 2016

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Transcript of Cultural Memoir Project

Cultural Memoir Project
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Jenna Miscavige Hill
Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape
no god
no praying
no heaven
no hell
More Scientology
About the Memoirist
a religious system based on the seeking of self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment through graded courses of study and training
Cultural Differences
by Jenna Miscavige Hill with Lisa Pulitzer
By: Ali Kimball
How I Benefited
New Understanding
Founded in 1954 by L. Ron Hubbard
Scientology Cont..
a philosophy and self-help program that promised greater self-awareness and the possibility of achieving one’s full potential
focuses on controlling one’s own destiny and improving one’s life through a series of clearly laid out steps
Day in the Life of a Sea Org Member
Typical Sea Org member:

"Required to be on duty for at least
fourteen hours a day
from about
nine in the morning
eleven-thirty at night
seven days
a week, with a
break for an hour
of “family time” in the evening, when parents were a
llowed to see their children
before heading back to work"

My Recommendation...
Her Journey
Niece of current Scientology leader David Miscavige
Mother of two
Ex-Scientologist//current "wog"
Married to Dallas Hill
Raised in Scientology
Separated from her family at 6
Worked at "The Ranch" until 15
Star Scientologist!
Moved to "Flag"
Parents separated
Brother left Scientology
Struggling Scientologist
Got Married
Moved to Canberra, Sydney, then "Int."
Left Scientology
2 twin brothers, one Scientologist, one ex-Scientologist
Types of Scientologists
Sea Org Member
Celebrity Scientologist
Public Scientologist
Put others before ourselves
Family is very important
Families should stay together
Watch television freely
Use cellphones
Children do not work
about scientolog
I do
recommend this book to be part of next year's curriculum
focuses mainly on a single religion (Scientology)
only from one point of view
simple writing
I benefited by learning more about how privileged I am, and to not take anything in my life for granted
I learned more about the differences between my religion and other religions, in specific Scientology
Jenna's Main Hardships
"Thetans can’t really be the parent of another Thetan, and so family isn’t really real, or that important" (208).
Child Labor
Cut off from the outside world
Constant social and public tormenting
Isolation from her friends and family
Forced to lie for her own protection
Regular unnecessary punishments because she was the niece of the leader

Negatives of Scientology
If you choose to leave the Sea Org you must pay for all of the courses you had taken
When joining the religion you must sign over the right to almost all of your belongings for the "group benefit"
They do not believe in drugs and certain medicines.
Security Checks force you to say you did something bad and will not let you go until you admit to something.
You cannot marry outside of Scientology
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