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Cookie Monster :* ^-^

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of Prevent

Prevent Teen Suicide
How are they affected by the problem?
Well Teen in the U.S and their family and friends because they can get lead to the same way because maybe they got diagnose with a mental disorder. For example:Depression,Bipolar disorders,Anxiety,etc.
Why should teen suicide be chosen
Teen Suicide should be chosen because there's alot of young teenagers that have their life ahead of them ending their own life.

suicide is the third most common cause to death
among adolescents
between 15-24 years of age,and the sixth most common cause of death amongst 5-14 old.
Did you know that.....
Well imagine...One day you come home from work,school,etc You scream "Im home" but your son/ daughter/loved one didnt answer as usual, so you thought they were sleeping so you go to their room,its dark you turn on the light and find your daughter/son/love one hanging in the ceeling fan,you scream and find the suicide note as tears go down your cheek.wishing you would notice their fake smile and their invisible tears.
By: jacqueline jimenez
November 4,2013
Teen suicide
My Frist Objective :)

There are sevral things we can do to prevent teen suicide.We can do walk-a-thon wearing yellow
In a Walk-a-thon well need about maybe 400 bottles of waters, perinisionor a place and the time, posters and permision from our school "Kennedy Middle School"
to try to do cormecial at channel 5 we'll need accistents and a powerful message to convince people to help us prevent suicide.
School Club :D
The school can help us by prevent suicide by creating a club for teens to who wants to express their feelings its like a group conciling but its open for whenever you wanna talk to someone to and you wont be judge.
we would need a councelor, permision etc
for all my three objecives maybe ill need like 700 dollars.350 for the p
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