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JK Rowling's Intelligent Behaviors

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Karenna Sandoval

on 6 April 2015

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Transcript of JK Rowling's Intelligent Behaviors

One of J.K. Rowling's strongest intelligent behaviors is persistence. It takes a lot of work to write a book, let alone a whole series. Also, when the idea of Harry Potter first sparked in Rowling's mind, she was at a hard time of her life. A few days after she came up with the idea, her mom died of MS (multiple sclerosis), she wasn't happy at her job, and she and her boyfriend constantly fought. Being able to go through all of that and still come up with a great novel is evidence that one of J.K. Rowling's strongest intelligent behaviors is persistence.
Risk Taking
J.K. Rowling had to take many risks in order to write and publish her books. First of all, she moved to Portugal, away from her entire past life, just to get a little more time in the mornings to write, and because all that she had left of her mom after she died was stolen and she couldn't handle the pain of staying in Manchester. Also, Harry Potter was a new and unique idea to the literature world, and in the beginning, many publishing companies declined the manuscript for the first book. Because of J.K. Rowling's adept ability to take the right risks, she was able to finish her first book and get it published.
For the most evident intelligent behavior in J.K. Rowling's character, creativity takes the cake. Ideas in the Harry Potter series such as the wizarding game Quidditch and the ghost Nearly Headless Nick show just how creative Rowling got with this series. Also, the names of the characters in the books have hidden meanings, such as Voldemort, which literally means "theft of death" in French. These unique ideas are mainly what helped her become the famous and rich person she is today.
Flexibility of Thinking
Another strong intelligent behavior of J.K. Rowling is her flexibility of thinking. While writing the Harry Potter books, Rowling had to write whenever and wherever she could because she was constantly busy doing her job and taking care of her child, Jessica. Being in many different places at many different times and still being able to think and work clearly is something Rowling had to be good at to finish writing her books.
Karenna Sandoval P.4
J.K. Rowling's Intelligent Behaviors
A Sense of Humor
Another intelligent behavior that helped Rowling's books get published is her sense of humor. The Harry Potter books are very humorous and entertaining, just like Rowling herself. Also, it would be nearly impossible to go through all the tough times in her life without a little humor to brighten up the situation. If Rowling didn't have such a great and unique sense of humor, her books would probably never have gotten published and she would still be living in poverty.
Striving for Accuracy
The last intelligent behavior that is evident in J.K. Rowling is the way that she strives for accuracy in her books. Many of the events in the books are related to what happened in Rowling's life, as well as the names she chose for her characters. For example, she wrote about Harry's parents death in the book, and that actually happened in her own life when her mom died of MS (multiple sclerosis). Also, the name Harry is Rowling's favorite boys name, and Potter comes from a family that lived next door to her home in Winterbourne.
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