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Algonquin and Iroqouis

My Algonquin and Iroqouis comparison

Ema Gol

on 22 February 2011

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Transcript of Algonquin and Iroqouis

Algonquin And Iroquois Clothing-

The Algonquin wore, animal fur/skin,moccasins,and sometimes beading on clothes. In the winter they wore trouser like pants,and leggings.

The Iroquois,wore very similair clothing to the Algonquins.Because both were nomadic, the women would sew clothes for the winter,and summer seasons. Climate-

The Algonquin lived in colder areas, but they wanted hot weather. They were nomadic,but usually stayed in the same temputare weather.

The Iroquois had warmer temputare as they were more south, but because they were nomadic they also travelled to colder areas. Animals And Vegetation

The Algonquin ate,corn,caribou,deer,moose,seal,wheat,squash,beans,fish. They also preserved their meat.The Algonquins were semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers. That means they didn't do much farming, and moved around a lot as they gathered food for their families. Besides fish and meat, the Algonquins picked berries and wild plants to eat. They also got maple-syrup from sap trees.

The Iroqouis were very similair and they also grew crops but because they were nomadic they had to have food that could be preserved while they were moving from place to place. So for that they would preserve strips of animal as snack,and they would eat sunflower seeds. They also grew crops for plants and vegetables. Arts-

The Algonquin were known for their beadwork and basketry.They made wampum out of white and purple shell beads.

The Iroquois were known for their mask-carving,beadwork,and prcupine quill-work.Like the Algonquins the Iroqouis als0 made wampum.


The Algonquians lived in Southern Quebec,and Eastern Ontario. They usually lived in woody areas,like forests. They usually lived near lakes,and rivers.

The Iroquois lived in very similair conditions but they were more nomadic so sometimes they would just be in grassy plains. Subsistence-
The Algonquin and the Iroquois both had similair ways of surviving. They both lived on hills near water so if someone was planning to attack them then they would see from the distance and they could get ready to defend and protect themselves. Shelters-

The Algonquain lived in wigwams made of mud,straw,and animal skin.

The Iroquois lived in both longhouses and wigwams. The longhouses could be from 20-100 feet long. They were made out of wood,mud,and animal skins. Up to 30 families could love in one longhouse. Recreation-

The Algonquin played lacrosse,one of their favourite sports,

The Iroquois played snowsnake. Before the game starts each player made their own "snake", which was a flattened piece of wood or a carved wood scrap, depending the age of the players and the competition level. One end was curved up a little, and the other end was cut to make it easy to throw.

When two teams met, they dragged a log through the snow to form a path . The goal of the game was to throw your "snake" along the path at a really fast speed. Teams switched tosses. The distance that your snake traveled was added to your team score. Whichever side had the longest total distance or the best score was the winner. Social Organization-

The Algonquin had small groups which were called bands.

The Iroquois had 5 tribes in their confederacy: Mohawk,Seneca,Oneida,Onondaga,Cayuga, Tuscacora. Transportation and Technology-

The Iroqouis and the Algonquin both lived near water so they both got around by canoe. They also walked and used snowshoes to get around in the wintertime. Spiritual Traditions-

The Iroquois had many ceremonies, like all the other tribes. Here are some of them. The celebrations were mainly held in the winter. Lots of celebrations were held to give thanks to nature. In some ceremonies they would dress up as birds, animals and monsters to entertain the crowd. They also used whistles, drums and rattles to make music for the audience. Speaking tubes were used to make ghostly sounds to scare everybody. They would make masks to pretend that they were some kind of god. They carved special wooden dolls for sacred ceremonies. Dancers would sometimes swing through the air on ropes. There were special paintings used to mark important ceremonies and traditions.
The Huron and Iroquois believed in many different things. For example, stories were very important to their culture. Two of their stories were "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky" and "The Story of Handsome Lake". In the story, "The Woman Who Fell From the Sky", the Huron and Iroquois tribes told the story of a world above the clouds. In "The Story of Handsome Lake", the character, Handsome Lake, had a vision.

Most Algonquin tribes created stories and they had some religious beliefs. One belief that they shared was life after death were the spirits of people controlled the spirits of animals. They did not believe in being punished after dieing for bad deeds. They believed in the spirit world and they were scared of witchcraft. They also believed that a person had two souls and that souls are all around them.

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