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Marketing Plan :

No description

Seongmi Yoo

on 8 October 2012

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Transcript of Marketing Plan :

Malin Erkander
Seongmi Yoo
Victor Östling Course Project Presentation : The Marketing Challenge Marketing, Organisation, And International Business Group B6 provide? what do we Collecting! Subscription! Everything you want that aren't of value anymore! Our service is... What kind of stuff do we collect? Product category is... (RUT reduction 50% of the price) + S W O T Differentiation of service
Contribution (live environmental)
Lack of time and laziness Luxury
Other ways
Awareness of service and brand Charity organizations
Blocket, Tradera
Good recycling abilities
Difficulties in raising big revenue at first Possibility of developing a new market
Environment is a hot topic
Low cost, RUT reduction Strategy Web site easier communication with customers - information about environment
- our vision, services and cost
- question board (answer in 24 hours An 'App' free application to promote company - Latest news about the environment
- our business information about environment
- articles about environmental individuals or organization Local newspaper for target segment (families living in Stockholm) - information about environment
- our vision, services and cost
- question board (answer in 24 hours Facebook Group easy to spread information - 'Like it' and becoming members
- show companies issue in 'Newsfeed'
- inform companies profile and
- link our homepage for more information 375 kr/time 325 kr/time Sign up for at least 2 years 650 kr/time Sign up for a year 750 kr/time target group geographical
location employees Logistics networking Marketing tactics 1. website & App
2. Local newspaper
3. Facebook group
4. Slogan & logo
5. Supermarket event Finance Slogan & logo put our slogan and logo for reminding - put the solgan and logo on cars, trucks
- put the slogan, logo and the webwite adress on bags Supermarket events events in front or markets to inform us - posters and a booth with our logo and photos
- candiy to attract children with parants
- give them environmental shopping bags with information about us
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