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Prisms, Rainbows and Soap Bubbles

No description

Jane Hoyt

on 23 March 2013

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Transcript of Prisms, Rainbows and Soap Bubbles

How does this relate to waves? Prisms In a rainbow it is the reflection of water droplets. When you view the water droplets from a certain angle it appears to be a multicolored arc. And since the rainbow is just water droplets, it means that the rainbow is not an object so it can't be approached. Rainbows Soap Bubbles Sometimes in bubbles there is a multicolored outside. The reason of that is because when two light waves interact with another it forms color. More Bubbles A bubble is a good example of the rainbow effect because a bubble is clear except when light hits the shell of the bubble. That makes the light wave twist and form the multiple colors. This project relates to waves because it shows how light waves can be interact and form different colors. By Christian Herr and Jane Hoyt Prisms, Rainbows, and Soap Bubbles When Light hits a see through prism, it makes the light go from the white color into the colors of a rainbow.
When the light wave passes through the prism it either slows down the light wave or it will speed the wave up. When that happens it separates the colors in the light, which makes it multicolored color.
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