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The Andrew Sisters

No description

Zakir Hossain

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of The Andrew Sisters

The Andrew Sisters We are the Andrews Sisters, our names are LaVerne Sophia, Maxine Angelyn, and Patricia Marie. We traveled around going on tours and sang for people who served in WWII by distributing V-Disks (Victory Disks). We supported the war by encouraging Americans to purchase war bonds. We are the Andrews Sisters and this is our story. Our trips during WWll The Andrews Sisters The Andrews Sisters

LaVerne Andrews
Born July 6, 1911
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Died May 8, 1967
Brentwood, California

Maxine (Maxene) Andrews
Born January 3, 1916
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Patricia (Patty) Andrews
Born February 16, 1918
Minneapolis, Minnesota LaVerne died a few years ago from cancer and only me and Patty are left of the original Andrews Sisters.

But we didn't stop our career then LaVerne was replaced by a singer, Joyce DeYoung. But we still miss LaVerne dearly. All about Us! Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy One our songs that we sang was a hit! It soon became the "theme song" of WWII. That song won an Oscar for best song! Patty was so excited when we won it! WWII During the start of the war when everyone was preparing we were signed up to provide entertainment. This is because everyone was worried about the war and we provided escape from their worries.
We traveled to a lot of places during the war and entertained many brave soldiers that served our country. It was such a wonderful experience, and we will never forget it or take it for granted. Our Films Argentine Nights 1940 1942 In the Navy
Hold That Ghost
Buck Privates Private Buckaroo
Give Out, Sisters
What's Cooking 1941 How's About It
Always A Bridesmaid
Swingtime Johnny 1944 Her Lucky Night
Road to Rio
Melody Time 1945-48 1943 Moonlight and Cactus
Follow the Boys
Hollywood Canteen Our Movies proved to be another source of escape to Americans during the war. We are very proud of the things we have accomplished as sisters. To help America under such a crisis is a great deed and we are grateful to have enjoyed every minute of it.
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