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No description

Sami Damanhoury

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Jordan

On May 25, 1946 Jordan became a country
The Country's song is called "Long Live The King
Most people are Sunni Muslims (92%),
but there is 6% Christians
and 2% other regions
The main language is Arabic, but most can speak some type of English.

Hello: Assalaam ʿalaikum (ah-sa-LAAM all-AY-koom)
Good-bye: Maʿa salama (MA-ah sa-LAA-ma)
Please: Min fadlak (min FAD-lak)
Thank you: Shukran (SHUK-ron)
Yes: Aywa (eye-wuh)
No: Laʾ (lah)

Jordan is slightly smaller than Indiana.
Jordan is located in the Middle East, northwest of Saudi Arabia and between Israel and Iraq.
Ramadan is one of the most celebrated holiday
in the middle east. It is where you are not allowed
to eat from sun rise to sunset.Eid is a three-day feast at the end of Ramadan, most parents will
give there kids money.
Temperature can reach about 90-100 degrees in
the summer time. But they read the temperature
in Celsius.
The Dead Sea is one of the most visited places in Jordan
Amman is the capital of Jordan and has more people than any other city in Jordan.
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