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migrates of the snowy mountain sheme

No description

hamish warwick

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of migrates of the snowy mountain sheme

Why were the migrates needed?
To build the snowy mountain hydroelectricity complex, the construction of such a monstrosity would likely take years to build, and the construction took place from 1949 to 1974 at a cost of $820 million dollars. 20% of the workers there were Australian born, while the other 70% were migrates from such country’s Yugoslavia, Italy, Germany and the UK & Ireland.
what were the living conditions on the complex
when did author Calwell star accepting migrates for snowy mountain scheme
Why would they have wanted to migrate to Australia?
Unlike most countries, the only way Australia was affected by the war was when Japan bombed Darwin in 1942 with Australia only armed with aircraft one naval destroyer, 31 aircraft and 18 A/A guns (flak), it’s pretty obvious that japan overpowered Australian forces, especially the ones stationed in Darwin. Other than the battle of Darwin Australia provided adequate care and housing for most countries in complete desolation.

push and pull factors
shared cultural practices
Italy popularized spaghetti and pizza
Germany brought such delicacy's as bratwurst sausage and a german dessert called Rote Grütze.

migrates of the snowy mountain sheme
“Living conditions were also hard in the camps and towns built in the mountains to house the workers and their families.” Freezing conditions were present in the housing units for the workers also loud and annoying workers fill the hallways of the housing units, however most of the migrates worked underground, but this made nothing better as the tunnels were noisy, grimy and dangerous. One hundred thousand people worked on the Scheme and 121 lost their lives in industrial accidents. Most migrant workers on the Scheme arrived under assisted migration schemes.
in 1949, four years after the agreement to star taking in migrates for the populate or perish campaign
“We got on well with the Italians. Their mess was opposite our barracks. They were a rowdy bunch. My God, in the night time you thought they were killing each other. They were celebrating … every bloody night. The noise was unbelievable.”
- Hien Bergerhausen

adequate housing and career choices
according to commercial propaganda: alot cheaper healthcare and housing
a new and wealthy country

most of Australia was untouched by the war

avalable jobs for a little price
thanks for watching
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